Are the Wisconsin governor's actions against the unions wrong?

  • Totally political move unrelated to claimed fiscal issues

    Walker claimed he need to end collective bargaining to balance the state budget, but even he ended up in front of a US congressional panel admitting that was not the case. Wisconsin already had fewer public employees per capita than surrounding, comparable states and they were in many cases paid less both compared to public employees in those neighboring states and private-sector employees in Wisconsin who did comparable work. Now that the economy has improved and revenues returning to normal, Wisconsin has a surplus. Is Walker planning to declare the state's fiscal 'emergency' (which really wasn't) over, and return some of that surplus to public employees in the form of catch-up raises? Nope, by decree he limited employees to one percent annual raises, which didn't come close to covering the 12-15 percent grab-backs in combined wages and benefits he took from some state employees. If state employees are so well paid thanks to collective bargaining, how come a significant number of them qualify for food stamps? Walker's move was a craven political snow job designed to inspire his political base and remove political power from those public employee unions that tend not to support Republicans like himself. Note that his "budget repair" law only dinged public employee unions that disagreed with him politically. Police and fire unions that tend to support Republicans were exempt from all the changes he sought, even though their salaries and benefits represent the vast majority of public employee expense to local units of government in the state -- itself proof that his rationale for whacking pay and gutting other unions is totally bogus.

  • Walker's actions against unions turned out to be very ideologically driven.

    Even after major concessions had been made, the Republican governor of Wisconsin continued to push for a measure to strip union workers of their collective bargaining rights. This continued independent of the budget "crisis" the measure was supposed to be a response to. So, it was clearly an ideological move designed to undercut an organization that typically opposes conservative causes, like privatization of public schools.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • Yes, because this is basically union-busting, and the unions had no say in any of this.

    What Scott Walker did was equivalent to union-busting, and creating terms of employment, without any input from the other side. There was no attempt for negotiating terms at all. The excuse for budget concerns is false, because Wisconsin had a healthy budget before Scott Walker trashed it by creating huge tax breaks for wealthy corporations. What he did was basically an order by his corporate backers.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • Yes, because unions should not be able to hold a state's citizens as hostages.

    The Wisconsin Governor had to restrict the usage of funds towards unions, or else the state might have found itself running on an extreme budget deficit, which would be a drag upon the other citizens of Wisconsin. A well-funded and well-supported minority should not have the power to drag down the silent majority.

    Posted by: BrokenRandolph74
  • Yes, because his reasoning was based on false facts

    He said he needed to make all these cuts and limit unions because of the state deficit. He caused the increase in the deficit by giving tax breaks to businesses, when he did not have to. The tax breaks have not stimulated businesses and have reduced state revenues exacerbating the deficit problem. He did this based on his ideology and not the benefit of the people of Wisconsin. The unions were not the problem. Walker is the problem.

  • No.

    Unions are evil.

  • It was necessary.

    The Unions are the most corrupt organizations in the Euro-American world. I don't care what side you are on. The public sector gets way to empowered by their unions. Even the great Europeanizer FDR said Unions had the potential to "prevent or obstruct" government and its processing.

  • The Wisconsin governor is trying to re-balance the environment that the state government employee unions enjoy, to help the state avoid financial problems.

    The Wisconsin governor is trying to bring some sanity to the Wisconsin government financial situation. The state employee unions have received too generous of benefits that the state can no longer afford. Private companies cannot pay those kind of benefits to their employees. Why should government employees get paid so much more than other employees at the taxpayers' expense?

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I agree with the Wisconsin governor's actions, because public unions are not feasible.

    Scott Walker's actions in restricting public unions were the best solution for Wisconsin and should be replicated in other states. Unlike private sector unions, who organize against for-profit corporations, public unions basically elect their own bosses every election cycle. Wages and benefits are paid from taxes paid by the public. The more benefits they have, the less everyone else in the state has.

    Posted by: DearVince
  • The Wisconsin governor's actions against the union are not wrong because, when a state is running out of money, then they must change the rules that have been negotiated with unions.

    I think that what the governor of Wisconsin is doing is not wrong. When a state is running out of money, they must change the rules that have been negotiated with unions. Oftentimes, unions get really good deals because of democrat law makers that just want to buy their votes. It's about time some governor stood up to the unions.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • The Wisconsin governor's actions were completely right because something really needs to be done about unions and he took the first stand.

    I understand the history about unions and can appreciate that they were an absolute necessity before, however right now in this day and age they are very detrimental to our economy. Unions are one of the things that are destroying this country. The whole issues with the auto industries here could have been avoided if the unions would have listened to reason. Other unions are not far behind especially for employees paid by tax payer dollars as in the example in Wisconsin.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Government Employees Being Held Accountable. . .

    Those overpaid and underworked government employees have nothing to complain about. It's high time they were held accountable for years & years of scaming the system - on the dime of the regular taxpayers. Quit whining / lying about whats being done to you, and get a real job!

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