Are the wrong questions being asked when registering to own a gun?

  • All is wrong

    People don't quite understand the whole thing about gun registration; people think that, in the event the best process is ratified and only certain guns are sold, that people won't use guns for evil. The people using guns for criminal or destructive reasons aren't buying them legally anyway, what's the point?

  • First of all, there is no real registration

    There is no real gun registry, so I'm not sure what this question is asking. If you mean a background check then the main problem is that they are asking the wrong questions, but that a background check is not required for all gun sales. We just need to make sure we get everyone to do a background check.

  • The questions are appropriate enough, but the answers are not properly verified

    It’s not that the wrong questions are asked, it’s that it is
    far too easy to lie and get away with it. It is also fairly easy to evade the
    vetting process altogether. Right now, in most jurisdictions applicants are asked
    if they are felons, and why they want that gun. These are good questions, but
    it is ridiculous to believe that anyone who wants a gun to rob liquor stores is
    going to say so. Most robbers probably obtained their guns by extra-legal
    means, and most formerly respectable citizens who killed in anger probably lied
    with impunity when they got their deadly weapon.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe the wrong questions are being asked when registering to own a gun. I believe, for the most part, gun registration is a decent process that stops some potential gun owners in their tracks. The truth is, however, that if someone really wants a gun, they can get one off the black market.

  • No, there is nothing else to ask.

    No, the wrong questions are not being asked when registering to own a gun, because the questions being asked are the most relevant questions. The questions that are being asked have to do with the criminal histories of the person wanting to own the gun. A person cannot answer questions for their family, because they might not know true family history, and should not be responsible for family members that they do not know.

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