• Yes, They Are

    The death of a recent participant in the X Games is reason enough that things need to be toned down. Any death is unacceptable, and I'm sure the family of the deceased athlete would agree that not enough safeguards were in place to protect their loved one. Safety is paramount in this world.

  • It’s just fun

    Extreme sports is just a fun game some pro’s do, people find it extreme and it makes people happy if people are not able to do extreme sports then they don’t do it, but it’s fun to watch professionals do cool stunts and tricks, it’s human nature to like extreme sports, yes a few people die, but people die to a lot of things, for example: food, lightning, basically anything, so should we ban everything? No, then there would be nothing left, I really think extreme sports SHOULDN’T be banned.

  • No

    Safety is a very big part of the X games, and like many other sports, it prides itself on becoming a safer sport. Their Athletes often have the most up to date safety gear from full-face helmets,pads,cups, and even mouth protectors. The X games also provides a great service in showing kids, who often feel their parents are too lame and worried when getting them to wear protective gear, that they can be cool while wearing such gear and being safe. Any reinforcement, to get kids to be safer on their own bikes, is a great service.

  • It is their choice.

    If someone feels it is too extreme then they don't have to watch it. I personally think that yes, it is too extreme, but I understand that many people don't feel that way. They want to ride, skate, do anything that they wanna do, and they are in the best place to do it, around tons of doctors in case something goes wrong.

  • No They Are Not

    The X Games are not too extreme. These are sports that are played by people all the time. Athletes realize the risk of playing these sports and competing. If they were too extreme you would not see so many of the participating in the X Games. Yes, they're extreme, but not too extreme.

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