Are the xbox one resolutions actually going to improve over time?

Asked by: DebateMaster567
  • Logically, it should.

    Just because Microsoft disappointed everyone on release of XBOX one doesn't mean they are all dumbasses. They are way behind the Ps4, and the only logical thing for them to do would be to make some 1080p games at one point. When the ps3 and the xbox 360 were released, the xbox was actually ahead of the ps3 resolution wise (not because of power but because of an "odder" operating system sony had used), but now that company's have learned how to design ps3 games better, It can be easily said that ps3 and xbox360 are on even ground, perhaps with ps3 slightly ahead. This is probably what will reoccur with xbox1 and ps4, but with Microsoft being behind at first.

  • It might not actually improve

    Even though Microsoft has stated that you should expect to see more 1080p games in the future i still have doubt. The reason I doubt this is because the system has weaker hardware than its compitetor the playstation 4. Also the kinect is holding the hardware back from its true potential

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