• Winning = best

    Between rings, pennants, and playoff appereances, its hard to argue that, as a franchise, they aren't the most sucessful. Rebuttal to "payroll per win." My rebuttal is as follows:
    1) Money gaurentees nothing.
    2) Earlier teams didn't spend so much
    3) The yankees haven't been the highest paying team in years.

  • Because there better than the Red Sox

    Because there better than every other sports team ever the have 27 world series championship rings 1 player got them 10 of them that player was Yogi Berra and Jeter got 5 Babe Ruth got 3 and nettles got 4 and many more years are to come when the get more of them

  • Team work makes the dream work

    Yes they have 27 world series but that cause of team work, the 2018 team will have Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Staton, Gary Sanchez, Luis Sevrino and Aroldis Chapman. Plus lets not forget Murders Row. Plus sports writers say 2018 bull pen may be the best, and Babe Ruth. Its lit

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  • They are the best

    They are tge best because they are very very very very good and better than anyone else f f nvnsdmv hvjkgygvygkuyc vgkhc cgkgh h h h h h hh h h h hh hh h h h h h h h h hh hh h h h hh h h that was just to take up space but the redsox r el stupido

  • They absolutely are

    They are the best because they won the world series 27 times. They also have babe ruth so... Ha
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  • Yankees are the best!

    Vote Who is your favorite baseball team, if are you thinks that Yankees is the best baseball team ever, Baseball is one of the most popular games in the US, with millions of fans, we wanted to know whois your favorite team do you are fan? Please vote Yankees :)

  • They are the best team ever no doubt about that.

    They have the best win-loss record of all-time. The most World Series wins. The most pennants. From the 1920s to the mid 1960s, they were a ruthlessly efficient pennant winning machine. George Weiss was probably the best baseball adimnistrator ever. From the mid 1960s to the late 1980s, they were not a great team. George Steibrenner was a clown. He acted like a spoiled egomaniacal child king. He did not build great teams, he bought star players. Not a very efficient way to build great teams. But, we he left his administrators do their job in the early 1990s, they were able to build another Yankee dynasty. Greatest team ever without any question.

  • Yankees are the best

    The Yankees are obviously the best team in the entire MLB. They have won 27 world series!! That's more than double of the the team with the second most World Series. Even if you are a Red Sox fan, you better admit that the Yankees are the best. We have the best baseball players of all time:

    Ruth, Jeter, DiMaggio, Berra, Rivera, Cano, Gehrig, Mantle, I can name a bunch more.

    So, you can now tell how the Yankees are obviously the best baseball team ever.

  • The Yankees are legendary

    For every 4 years Major League Baseball has had a World Series (1903) the Yankees have won almost 1/4 of them. (28) would be a fourth. Apart from that they have also had the most legendary players. Yogi, Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, The Sandman, Jeter and Jorge Posada are just a few of the many greats. Great uniforms and great city just add on to the greatness.

  • They don't have any talent

    They think they are really good even though they aren't , the have one good player who carries the team for them and hes not really that much help for them cause they can't make it to the world series and they lose a lot in wild card game and they are STRAIGHT UP TRASH

  • Payroll per Win

    When you take into account payroll per win, you can easily see that the Yankees SUCK! And that the Orioles kick their butt #2014 #WeWon'tStop. The Orioles, missing two starters for a large portion of the year managed to take the AL East by storm, not to mention Yankee fans should be jumping up and down with delight that Jeter's old butt won't be out on the field, now they can buy another SS who doesn't take his dentures out every night. Also the Royals this year should be considered an amazing team. #OutofNowhere. Plus Yankee fans are disgusting and they chant things like "Steroids" to players like Nelson Cruz, but if I remember correctly, the Orioles didn't break any contract payment records on Cruz, but the Yankees did on Alex Roderiguez. Now I think that the A-rod suspension is way too long and is just a way for the commissioner who should've been fired a long time ago, to dig his way out of the Bonds Steroid Era, and it may work on sportscasters but not to people who love the game. Steroids don't help out a player's average, but A-rod hit around .300 his whole career, and without steroids he would've been like Derek Jeter with more stolen bases and possibly more homeruns because Jeter sucks. Any way the A-rod suspension is too high because none of the evidence would hold up in court and I'd love too see a wall of shame in the hall of fame just for Bud Selig and every Yankee owner, coach (except Showalter), and GM.

  • Yankees are the worst

    Yankees are not good at all I will give you 5 reasons why. 1. They have too many rich players as in Rodrega. 2. They are under tremendous fan pressure. 3.They do not have a a good manager. 4. They are under the attack of the Toronto Blue Jays. 5.I do not like them. P.S. Blue Jays will always be my favorite.

  • Got Rings? More like bought rings!

    Yankees have been buying championships forever. They meddle in everything until they get their way. I just read where they were even instrumental back in the 50's in getting the A's to leave Phila and go to Kansas City. And of course it was beneficial finacially for them. It's the only sport team that I know of that has 4/ 5 books written about how hated they are and what a scum bag team they and their fans are! How can you be proud of that? Class? Please!

  • No They Aren't

    The Yankees have enjoyed a considerable amount of success as a franchise, but they have not been good recently and are getting older and worse. They are indeed one of the most successful franchises in baseball history, but teams that find success with fewer resources, like the A's and Rays, do it better.

  • No, they are not.

    The Yankees are not the best baseball team ever. Sports teams are constantly trading players, getting new players in, taking old ones out, and so on, to where it will be hard to ever call one team truly the best. One year the Yankees may do great, but the next year it could be another team.

  • No, they aren't.

    No, I do not think that the Yankees are the best baseball team ever. I am not sure what I would consider the best baseball team ever, but I think that various people would have varying opinions as to what is the best. It is all a matter of perspective and what you believe makes a good time.

  • No the Yankees are not the best baseball team ever.

    The fact that the Yankees come from the most populated city in America may mean that they have the most fans but not that they are the best. For many years the Yankees have been a good team because they can afford to spend the most for players salaries but this year many of the stars are out on injury. If they perform well this year maybe I'll rethink my opinion.

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