• More reliable than any Mainstream source

    The Young Turks are more reliable than any Mainstream source because they are not beholden to advertisers. Better than National Public radio due to their reliance on "sponsors". TYT is liberal, but they don't hide their bias, but everyone else pretends not to have a bias. Quid erat demonstratum est.

  • Yes. But you'll get more than news.

    They deliver the news straightforward and unbiased. They present all the facts. After that though they'll converse about it and insert their opinions. Just like anybody who watches the news does at home. Sometimes they all agree since they are on the same political spectrum and many times there are more debates. That's probably why they do a lot of entertainment pieces because if everything is political they wouldn't debate on anything.

  • Well they are

    Usually good about providing opinions to both sides when they give their verdcits of people's behaviors, or actions taken. But as far as giving the news pretty straight from their sources, yes I would say they are pretty good. Or at least not horrible. I guess it depends on what you consider reliable.

    Posted by: TUF
  • Report Spin and Devoid of Facts

    I can only watch The Young Turks in very small doses. They bend the "facts" so much that you can not even find the original truth behind their comments. They have the typical liberal argument points. We have been saying things should happen this way for decades, but it a republican actually does it, well now its wrong.

  • A sick joke ...And they know it!

    Nothing more than a bunch of social-Marxist clowns masquerading as some sort of web based alternative media. Interesting how they're not even inclined to hide or trivialize the elitist self appointed code of conduct enforcement that the MSM attempts. But I guess lies are true when it's entertaining enough. At least for so-called "anti-racist" bigots that is.

  • Extremely biased, their commenters or supporters are incredibly stupid.

    They are not even close to being news. They are an opinion column and nothing else. A very poorly articulated opinion column.
    Their liberal commenters are wealky minded, when looking at their Youtube profiles. They are bunch of hippies, taking their ugly selfie faces as avatars.
    Not even mentioning, their poor historical knowledge when I encountered and debated with them about a historical subject. They just know how to shout loudly, but they are stupid in the core.

  • Check the facts, liberal bias and unreliable

    The young Turks have a strong liberal bias. And I mean strong. I've only watched a few videos of there's but they practically praise liberals from the roof tops. And when a republican, Conservative or anyone who disagrees with what they say, says something, they twist there words so that they sound bad but in reality they have made a valid point. They are also unreliable as they often leave out facts or information that would show a different light on the topic. I often question the news so I often check it on the Internet and found that they had in fact left out several important points because it did not fit in the liberal perspective. Finally I found there manner very unprofessional especially cenks. He often acts in a (quite pathetic) whiny mocking voice when speaking about people or things he dislikes (like Fox news in the cold dead hands video) . He often fails to take in to account that maybe people have different opinions views. I prime example would be in the video about a children's shooting range. He calls it stupid or ridiculous or something along those lines. It surprises me that someone in journalism would not stop to consider 1) some parents would like to teach their kids about shooting, 2) they aren't his children and 3) people don't all have silly liberal on the brain. So it seems The young Turk are not only unreliable but inaccurate. Personally, I would seek out a better news source, one where both sides are covered and the viewers does not have mounds of liberal bias slammed down there throat.

  • They are worse than MSNBC

    They are not even close to being news. They are an opinion column and nothing else. A very poorly articulated opinion column.

    I recommend watching Fox News, CNN, and PBS news. That way you get news form both view points and you get to see both sides. (I strongly recommend Fox!)

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