Are the youth of today capable of running the country?

Asked by: einnap
  • Why wouldn't they?

    People forget that while the majority of kids run around like idiots. Which every generation does, the country isn't run by the majority of people. There are plenty of kids who are intelligent and diligent workers kids who are compassionate, kind and understanding. The loudest kids get the most attention the future leaders are busy out of sight content with you not noticing them yet.

  • If anything, things will get better with them.

    Although in childhood and adolescence the youth of today appear lazy or irresponsible, some of the youth tend to grow up today (even with the economic stress) as pillars of society. Social problems and crime are on the rise but this is due to the current generation of politicians screwing with economics and causing recession. The new generation not only understand the value of stable economy but bring more and more liberal policies such as more equal rights, which promise a homogeneous state. Even the people not representing in government will do their part by allowing more liberal referendums and equal rights to pass into action. Also the current golden age of protest and whistle-blowers is only aided by the new generation, stopping corruption.

  • Not capable at all.

    I'm honestly worried about the future and what's going to happen when the current youths are in power. Literacy levels are suffering, there's more emphasis on the media and entertainment and celebrity culture. I just hope that out there somewhere are young people who have the capability of running the country and keeping it all going.

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