Are theater owners right for refusing to show Sony’s film,“The Interview” due to recent terrorist threats?

  • The ownors are not showing the movie because of the threats.

    The owners large and small, have had a few weeks to look at how Sony has been publicly embarrassed and had the curtain ripped from them in terms of private conversations, and no one wants that headache. There is also the thoughts that personal safety can be a problem like the 2012 deadly shooting during the Batman film. That proved that people will do crazy things. One theater manager said to the press, " We aren't showing the film
    so that our guests may enjoy a safe holiday".

  • Owners are right.

    Owners can choose what to show in their own theaters. Not showing a film that has had threats made about it is a smart decision to make. It could keep people safe and stop any property damage from happening. The safety of customers and property should be the owners number one concern.

  • Yes, theater owners had the best interests of their customers in mind when refusing to show "The Interview"

    The terrorist threats directed at theaters and theatergoers by hackers angry about "The Interview" have rightfully caused theater owners to pull the movie to protect the safety of their customers. No movie is worth the potential injury or death of innocent people and if there is even the slightest chance of these threats being followed up on then the theater owners have only acted with common sense by refusing to screen it.

  • Theater owners are being paranoid.

    Despite threats, it is very unlikely that showing the film 'The Interview' would result in an actual terrorist attack. The theaters refusing to show the film are allowing themselves to be intimidated too easily. No actual attack has been carried out against any venue that did choose to show 'The Interview'.

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