Are theists hypocrites? They tell us the flawed universe couldnt come from nothing while they believe that a perfect god came from nothing

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes they are but not in the way you said it, they also abuse science.

    Christians are hypocrites because they say energy can't be eternal yet they say a complex God can be, and they abuse science because it is only them that say the Big Bang came from nothing to argue against atheists if trying to argue for the existence of God.

    Theists abuse science because they are simply jumping to conclusions on things that physicists don't know yet because In order to know exactly if the Big Bang was caused or uncaused and if uncaused they need to know how, physicists have to combine quantum and relativity because relativity fails to answer it, and this is what theists use as an argument for God by saying on atheism and science, the universe came from nothing.

    So theists are simply begging the question and because of this their Kalam argument fails because it's an empty assertion argument because it's too early to say.

    Also some physics think there's no such thing as nothing as theists propose and if Big Bang was beginning of everything, it is a God of the gaps argument because of the thing I said above about figuring out how uncaused happen.

    Also I think you should think inside the Big Bang, not from hovering outside to see it explode because there was no such thing as nothing because the Big Bang was beginning of everything, and we happen to be just 15 billion years from the beginning of everything although the expansion could be eternal from begginning.

    Also note that hovering outside the Big Bang when thinking about it just proves that Big Bang wasn't the beginning of everything and kind of supports that it was caused by unknown energy such as multiverse or something even stranger than quantum, and that there is no such thing as your defined nothingness.

  • Christians say we are irrational for not believing

    Well when it comes to all religions but one they dont believe either. So if you can reject every other religion i can reject yours for the same reasons though i usually have much better reason then you do for rejecting other religions. Christians get mad when we curse in front of females or have babies without being married etc. which doesnt hurt anyone while they treat animals like slaves and dont think slavery was wrong. Owning them as property is wrong. You wouldnt want them to do to you what you do to them so why do it when they are innocent and dont deserve it? Animals are bought and sold as property that you can do whatever you want with. Yes SOME people get caught doing bad things to animals but its very hard to catch them as animals dont talk or go anywhere. Not to mention whats legal to do them is horrible itself. To take a bird and put it in a cage to spend the rest of its life is like a punishment where no crime has been committed. Christians oppose every moral progress. It was slavery and the better treatment of colored races etc. and now its gay marriage and animal rights. I hate your god and i hate you for being so lazy in your thinking that you blindly accept your countries morality only changing it slightly to fit your desires.

  • The entire question seems kinda stupid if you think about it

    Even if by some crazy chance a PERFECT God didn't come from nothing, well then rational thinking would have to assume that something created God. Then we would have to also continue to assume that something created that thing(1) that created God, and whatever that thing is that created thing(1), had to also then have been created by something. And this will continue on infinitely. But rational thinking says we must come to an end point. In simple summary I am simply stating that creation doesn't have a bottomless pit of its beginning. Someone had to have started it all and come from nothing or else you would be stating irrationally that there is no end. Which is impossible if you want to actually make any sense whatsoever

  • Theist Believe God Is Eternal

    Theists believe God is eternal which makes your question moot. But even if we did believe God comes from nothing, why call them hypocrites for it ? It's simply their preference. It's either the universe is uncaused or it was made by an uncaused God, theists and atheists have reasons for making their choice.

  • Let me throw some stuff out on the table...

    Time is your perception. Different animals perceive time at different rates/speed. Time also moves slower near large objects due to gravity; it' called gravitational time dilation. In fact, NASA conducted an experiment in which they flew two identical atomic clocks around the Earth, both at different altitudes. What they found was that the time of the clock flying closer to Earth lagged behind the one further up by milliseconds. What all this means is that time is relative, so in other words the possibility exists that the universe never truly "began", and concepts such as "beginning, middle, and end" are just animalistic perceptions our brains have developed.

    Having said all of that, there is evidence that suggests the universe will eventually compact back down to the smallest unit of matter thus triggering another big bang, and the cycle repeats infinitly. The idea behind the "big compaction" (a process that would take billions of years) is that eventually all the stars in our universe will die out - they have to - and when they do the universe is essentially left with zero heat sources. This causes everything to drop to temperatures so low it would cause the universe as a whole to compact back down into its self. However energy is never lost nor gained so when the compaction of energy reaches a threshold it explodes back out again aka the big bang.

    My point here is that some of us don't believe that "we came from nothing", instead (and I'm not speaking on the behalf of all atheists) we believe the exhistence of everything is part of an infinite timeline. Belief in God on the other hand assumes that he or it created everything and before he did so there was nothing. This of course represents a person's perception of time (God started everything, it's currently happening, and one day he will bring about it's end; beginning, middle, and end).

    So no I don't think atheists a hypocrites.

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