• Just as much as atheists.

    Every group has its morons. Taking such a moron and presenting them as the prime example of that group isn't exactly misrepresentation, but is a really low blow, especially if that's the only source given. Now the whole anti-gay thing would, on a strict literal interpretation, only send the pitcher to hell, so no worries to everyone else. Just clearing that up for you guys.

  • What a silly question.

    Honestly, there are unintelligent people of every position and belief. It makes no sense, and it is childish to generalize an entire group of people on this scale. We all tend to believe what we are taught as children. Some, like myself, evolve beyond that. We explore all of the intellectual possibilities. Some theists blindly believe just because they were raised that way, for some this is not enough. Some atheists originally identify as such as a form of rebellion, but many choose it because they are led there intellectually. The truth of the matter is that we are all people with limited capacities for understanding. We are all students. Blasting one group blindly is a sign of a lack of critical thinking.

  • No

    Theists are just people who do not like to question their faith and the traditions in which they are raised. Their mental faculties are otherwise sound and there is nothing to suggest they are unintelligent. Instead I would argue that they are not very socially critical of those around them and their traditions.

  • No, but some are

    On the one hand, there have been brilliant thinkers who have been religious. Towering figures in the history of the human mind such as Pascal and Kant have believed in theistic principles. On the other hand, I put forth that the average person has not worked out a rational argument for their belief system on the scale of these thinkers. Most often it is, in fact, a gut-level blind-faith irrational theology that has been handed down.

  • No, they are not unintelligent!

    Most Christian based faiths, are taught to small children, and they grow up believing that faith. I view that is brain washing a person. There has been many people who are very intelligent that believe in God. If you are programmed from a very small age to believe, than that person is going to believe in that religion!

  • No They Aren't

    People who believe in God are not unintelligent. Having faith is something everyone does whether they place that faith in God or in science or something else like humanity. There is ample evidence in the world to believe that a god exists and so it doesn't make someone particularly unintelligent to believe in God.

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yetifivepecks says2014-05-28T14:16:37.017
The guy in the picture is obviously a completely moronic tool. If this was someone's primary example of a theist, then I could understand this question a little better.