Are there a lot of mentally ill people here on ddo specifically in the religious section?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Most of you seem depressed, destitute, delusional, or to have mental retardation:

    And sometimes it's a mix of all the above. Ranging from absolutely asinine and insane plans created by people who can't explain even the simplest concepts in a concise manner to egregious folk who have nothing better to do with their lives than to affirm that they don't agree with something without strong, valid reason and only come to cause ruckus I would say that there's a good chance most of DDO is "crazy".

  • There are people on here that are completely irrational

    I was having a conversation with a guy who called me a name so i called him one back and he said im not responding because of your insults. I said you insulted me first and he said wow a child has logic like that. And that doesnt mean its flawed logic it just means its so simple a child gets it and he didnt. Even a child knows that when they hit someone they deserved to get hit back. Only a child would call someone a name and then cry and get mad when they get called something in return. And this is nothing but i cant remember specifically what others have said. This one is just fresh on my brain.

  • This is an insulting question.

    To assume mental illness on the parts of religious people is ridiculous and rude. I may have a problem with what they believe and why they believe it, and they might be completely irrational, but insulting them is a stupid thing to do. Objectively, you are doing the exact same thing to them as they do to those their religion doesn't agree with, such as homosexuals. You have brought yourself down to their level, and you aught to be ashamed.

  • Most religious individuals are genius compared to some people.

    If you ever want to find mentally ill individuals that believe the most insane forms of insane, look up spirit sciences. It is like Scientology times a hundred degrees of stupidity just to make it interesting. I am happy to debate most religious individuals because they generally stay within a general frame of reason. Unlike conspiracy theorists, and spirit science people.

  • No, there are not

    That is a very insulting question to people, well, it is also insulting you by showing how disrespectful you are, almost touching the ignorance.

    But it's ok, you can go ahead and insult people. I can only tell you that God loves you, He sent Jesus to die for your sins, so if you believe in Him you can be saved.

    Repent from your sins and accept His Gift of salvation. Accept Jesus in your heart.

  • Not at all.

    In a sense, religion was probably created from early logic. At a certain point in human evolution, they noticed that they were able to understand, create and control much of their world with early farming, and crating useful tools. And clothing. Because of this, mankind knew he was much more advanced then any other creature he saw. Problem was, there was so much to the world that he did not understand, control or create. Using his limited knowledge, his logical assumption was that there must be an even more advanced being that he could not see. Because not much would have been known about dreams, a dream could have been seen as a message from this being or god(s).
    Though religious people tend to have the same ability for rational thought, the issue lies in their circular reasoning. Religious people seam to have been brainwashed into believing that their god exists without the need for evidence. The idea is so embedded that it is considered factual knowledge to them just as valid as any actual facts. Because it is considered a fact, it can not be wrong so anything that denies it as fact must logically be wrong no matter how much evidence can be shown. In a way, it causes a barrier to form where information can not be taken in as logical. This is probably why, when explaining the simplest things that contradict religious teaching, they fail to understand it.
    Rational thinking can only apply to things that lead to their god existing but can not when shown otherwise. Example: A theist claims that something as complex as a human being must have been created, so a creator must exist. What they fail to understand is that if that is true then their god would also be considered a complex being so must also have been created. That creator would require yet another creator till there is an indefinite line of creators that lead to man. They claim the explanation is that their god has always existed so never needed a creator but then their creator would not have existed to create them. Simply, if you create a rule of logic that backs your side, your side must also obey that rule.
    I don't place the blame on religious people for their lack of understanding, nor do I place it on those who brainwashed them. The people that did that thought they were conveying the truth. I would place the blame on the flawed logic that began the whole process and the added thoughts that became the religion. Unless they belong to one of the more recently formed religious groups, then all the people to blame are long dead and unfortunately most people have shifted the blame to the recent followers.

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abyteofbrain says2014-09-14T05:31:48.627
Everyone's mentally ill
steffon66 says2014-09-14T17:08:58.460
No dude. Not everybody is mentally ill. Explain what mental illnesses everyone has?
abyteofbrain says2014-09-16T03:40:20.750
It varies, but selfishness is probably the most common.
steffon66 says2014-09-16T16:48:26.930
Selfishness is not a mental illness dumb as$. Thank you for answering my other question "are there a lot of true idiots on this sight?"
abyteofbrain says2014-09-16T20:38:30.423
It's mental, and it's ill.
steffon66 says2014-09-17T20:10:34.680
That is your opinion. And even if that were true you know what im talking about your just playing stupid.