• Let people be free

    You're not going to stop it. Prostitution has been around for a long time, and will be around for a long time after we're gone. Any notion that we can eradicate people's basic desires of sex, security, money, and need entirely is just downright intellectually dishonest. People shouldn't have to practice trades that are going to happen anyways in the shadows, and should have the luxuries that we all enjoy of health and emergency services at their fingertips.

  • OF Course it should

    In places like the United States that allow free trade, the legalization of prostitution is technically illegal. Free trade is an exchange of money or goods for goods or service. Being that prostitution is illegal, this directly shows that free trade is not free trade such as we thought it was.

  • Absolutely! There would be countless advantages for both the prostitute and customers, in equal measure.

    There is no federal law regarding prostitution, yet it is illegal throughout the whole country except in like 11 districts in Nevada. I can picture the Supreme Court saying that state restrictions on prostitution violate the Equal Protection Clause, because if it's legal in 11 districts of Nevada, it should be legal in all 50 states, and any possible states after that.

    I kid you not: It will take time to transition to legal prostitution, and some people may grumble a bit about it, but it's a short-term loss for a long-term gain. Under such a system, there would be no such thing as abusive pimps or madams, those would be a thing of the past. Prostitutes would, however, have to be licensed by state and federal agencies (likely the Department of Labor) and would have to be subject to wellness evaluations on a bi-weekly basis, but the taxes garnered from prostitution would pay for that. In addition, since it would be legal, prostitutes can conduct their business without ever having to deal with constant hassling by law enforcement, especially in the big cities.

    It's all falling into place, and it's long overdue, so as Nike's slogan once read, "Just Do It!"

  • There are some advantages for those involved

    Yes, advantages are seen in the legalization of prostitution. One of these would include the ability to regulate the hygiene portion of the "business." Various diseases and infections are spread during this act because there are no regulations regarding the transaction. Another advantage would be that because it is now a business, taxes can be collected which will bring income to the government.

  • There Are Advantages to Legalizing Prostitution

    Yes, there are advantages to legalizing prostitution. First, legalizing prostitution ensures that there is a standard of cleanliness and healthiness that must be maintained, thus reducing the spread of STDs. Secondly, it ensures that a standard of safety for the prostitutes is maintained, making sure they do not fall under the sway of violent pimps.

  • Prostitution Should Be Legalized

    Legalizing prostitution would have a lot of benefits. First, it would protect sex workers from abusive pimps. Second, it would allow local authorities to control and monitor sex workers for transmittable diseases. Third, it can be taxed and be source of revenue for the government. This is not new and novel. This is how prostitution is handled in The Netherlands.

  • Legalizing prostitution is crazy.

    If we legalize prostitution, we are teaching our kids that selling their bodies is a source of money and something that is totally fine. Our actions today will affect our kid's generation. Do we really want kids to grow up thinking that selling their bodies for money is just an everyday thing. Plus, if we legalize this,more and more teenagers will sell their bodies for clothes,shoes, or any sort of accessories not for survival like the prostitutes today.

  • Don't Water Down Society

    Legalized prostitution may make things easier for law enforcements, for johns, and for prostitutes, but why water down our society to make life easier, to let (often times) married men, use and abuse women and children. Most prostitutes do not have a choice in the matter. This isn't a prostitution problem, this is a sex trafficking problem.

  • Legalizing prostitution promotes discrimination against women.

    Discrimination against prostitutes will never end, but discrimination against women will end if prostitution and sexist culture ends. The more the female prostitutes the more women will be discriminated. In the past women are viewed as servants, but now they are viewed as sex objects. Our sexist culture transforms women from servants into sex objects and they are brainwashed by culture to feel empowered of being a sex object. Many women will just dream to be the most beautiful in the world, in the eyes of the sexist culture.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-14T14:11:07.033
Sure, there are advantages. Nearly everything has pros and cons. The drawbacks really outweigh the benefits though.