• Believing aliens exist is no crazy than believing in religion.

    There's trillions of planets and billions of galaxies. It's just unrealistic in the chances, to say they don't exist. The likeliness of an alien (inferior or superior) is more likely than a God existing due to the countless number of planets and possible different forms they (aliens) could function. Alien doesn't mean it's all "E.T phone home" and crap like that, it just means not from Earth. I mean, think about, if you take a minuet and draw a picture in your mind of every single planet in a growing universe, the statistical unlikeliness to say "no they don't exist" is so insane. We been on this planet for a long time; whether you believe in the bible or not, we've been here for a long time. We still don't know every single creature on this planet and barely a fraction of the creatures living in ocean; how can you say that we would have seen them already if we don't even know every creature on our planet? Just because the bible didn't talk about aliens, means they didn't exist? That's like saying since the bible didn't mention planets like Mars, Neptune and other planets in our galaxy, they must not exist. Even though they do.

  • Chances are they do

    There at least 100 billion galaxies at there with potentially millions of "Earth like" planets in the Milky Way alone. Whether they exist as mere alien bacteria, complex beings (animals) or intelligent beings, they are almost certainly real. Reasons like we have not come into contact with them are poor reasons for denying aline existence. While there are potentially millions of Earth like planets in the Milky Way, they are still millions among billions of Solar Systems and so aliens would still be pretty rare and the Universe is probably mostly empty.

  • It is almost certain

    I find it hilarious that most of the people here that say aliens aren't real are only providing there religious beliefs.
    I am not suggesting there are aliens visiting earth or martians on mars, but almost any credible scientist will tell you that in the vastness of the universe the chances of alien life are mathematically almost certain. Those that claim, 'well why haven't we discovered them?' are failing to comprehend the sheer enormity of space and the technology we have at our disposal. The universe will definitely have both intelligent and less complex forms of life other than the ones on Earth, maybe there are some within our own galaxy...

  • It is mathematical

    Mathematically, alien must exist, even if we don't see them. There could be intelligence living on another galaxy, but they could be as big as a planet as well as smaller than an atom. Satellites are and will probably always be looking for life in other galaxies, but they can detect only certain waves and aliens are certainly rejecting other kinds of waves

  • Aliens are probable

    If we have developed from simple bacterial life forms and there of trillions of planets around, why not on other planets? Our Milky Way is a speck of dust in the fabric of reality/the universe, so it is highly likely that there are other intelligent life forms on other planets that have developed.

  • Simple, Complex and Intelligent Life

    By the way the universe is constructed and how life came upon earth it's highly likely simple life such as microscopic bacteria and fungi can exist in regions of the universe but for there to be complex organisms like dogs and cows is less likely, and for there to be intelligent species such as humans that's far less likely than complex organisms in existing.

  • Religious Crap and Science Don't Go Together

    The only arguments people have against this is that they say, "Well the Bible said this... Said that." Nobody gives a crap about that. What you should look more into is the Drake Equation. A more scientific way to predict if there is any other DETECTABLE intelligent life. The only way you can find out is by further scientific investigation into the subject. Don't say that its totally true also. Its only PROBABLE.

  • Aliens almost definitely exist.

    It is possible that Earth is the only life harboring planet but unlikely, seeing that Earth is only one in... A lot... Of planets. It is also unlikely that we will ever be visited by them as if there are aliens they are probably microbes. Just because no aliens have been found yet does not mean they wont be found.

  • Statistically Speaking Yes

    If you look at how big the universe is and how varied it could, think of all the possibilities. I don't think that Earthlings have interacted with any extraterrestrials so far, but I do think life must be out there somewhere. Odds are, their planet looks like ours, but it might be from a different time in our planets history. We've proven that bacteria can live in space, so who knows what's out there?

  • Probably somwhere in the universe.

    I'm sure that SOMWHERE there HAS to be SOMETHING else besides us. 1 in 5 sun like stars ave a planet that is roughly earth sized and is in the habitable zone. There are at LEAST 100 Billion planets JUST in the Milkyway and there are possibly Trillions of rogue planets, which are planets that don't orbit a star.

  • Aliens are not real.

    It even says in the Bible, that God created the EARTH, and the UNIVERSE, but the Bible never talked about putting life on other planets except EARTH! Even if aliens were real, don't you think we would have discovered them by now. Talk about all of that latest technology. Maybe not as great as we thought.

  • Religion vs Sci-Fi

    There is a reason why aliens often are put into the "sci-fi" category, it is because it is fictitious and unreal. Although we believe (and so do scientists) that there is no life on other planets, we may confirm that religion has been around for thousands of years and has become a sort of cultural tradition passed down by our ancestors. Aliens, on the other hand, are a new topic and according to the bible, life does not exist beyond Earth. But if you are ambitious enough, you may prove me wrong. I hope you understand that in our world today, aliens do not exist but they may in the future...

  • It is just dumb

    If God created the Earth and the heavens and he is coming back to get HIS people on Earth then what about the aliens. Does God not care about them? Aliens don't exist
    Technology has not found any signs of alien life and hey EARTH is scientifically the only planet sustainable for LIFE. Aliens don't exist. Sorry

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Lots of them are from Mexico, they are called illegals or wetbacks!
bubbatheclown says2014-03-28T18:12:51.510
By the way, is that picture from the sci-fi series "Andromeda" or is it something else?
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I don't know what it's from I just searched spaceships.