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  • Yes'sir there is

    I am just here to say that hitler is an alien and i have spoke to him and he has told me that he is hiding in area 51. Follow my instagram @austin_mcdow7 and my meme page @Mygrandmabeatme i am now just typing to use more characters xxxtentacion is dad! Hi

  • There are aliens in Area 51.

    I think they are because the government has them, But doesn't release them to the general public for safety. I think they would be in area 51, For it being the place we know the least about, Out of any place in The USA. This got spread probably by someone who works there

  • We need to consider that there are aliens and there spacecraft.

    Yes they are why would they be so secretive and why would there need to be security to motorcycle dudes wanted to explore in Area 51 and got held at gun point the military would not be scared to give us facts if they were not hiding anything from us.

  • Ya it is

    If there were not than how would you disprove all of the sightings of aliens and space crafts over area 51. One person went inside area 51 and saw 3 space crafts. And a space craft landed in new mexico and someone saw it. That is why aliens are real.

  • Aliens are real I am one from space not from the otherside of the border.

    I have gone to your earth highschools I am currently a senior. I was borne 1800 light years ago on planet Babelon I have met the alien you talk so much about in the book we all do that stuff, not just him we were sent here to study human life, you all are slobs.

  • There are aliens in Area 51

    The government is so vague about what goes on in Area 51. Why is that? I think its because there hiding aliens and other things no one knows about in there. Why are they so secretive about it? Why is there so much security? They MUST be hiding something and I believe it's aliens.

  • I think there are aliens in Area 51.

    I think there are aliens in Area 51. I think that the American government has indisputable
    proof that aliens exist, but they are keeping it a secret from the American
    people in order to preserve national security.
    I think that America also may be trying to design new technology based
    on the alien technology.

  • No its a hoax

    But people say no because Area 51 is only a military base, and no aliens are there. Area 51 is just a myth that people enjoy, so it spread.
    People think maybe people went up into space secretly and stayed up there for too long, so when they came back to Earth they became deformed and are considered “Aliens”

  • There is not aliens in area 51

    There is no aliens in area 51 for many reasons. Aliens is just something made up for talk and story. Area 51 is a government test site for Air Force planes that are really high tech revolutionary.There is all the secrecy because they have to keep it that way for security reasons because other countries want that kind of information about us. If they have that information about us that could hurt our military and take away the advantage that we have in war with our planes.

  • No way Jose

    IF aliens were to exist at the specific Area 51 base, their great intellect would be superb enough for them to escape definitely by now. How could we even sustain these powerful inhuman beings? Having so called spaceships and saucers, these advanced extraterrestrial beings would have no way in wanting to live at the Area 51 base

  • No there aint

    There were before some alines in area 51 but i think that now there isnt any alien.My friend Sergio and me are doing a work in our class of area 51 and we have to say our opinion and we have to talk about it.Hope you like trhis answer of this question

  • Aliens do not exist at area 51.

    If aliens were there i presume they would have much more advanced technologie and they would be able to escape the area 51 base.Even if they were to be there what would they be kept in to contain them.How would we know if they breath the same air as us, we wouldent because they are not there.

  • No. No reason to think there are.

    There are many reasons that the government might want to keep tne going ons there secret. All countries have military secrets, and all countries have confidential military bases. Area 51 is one of them.
    The fact that what goes on there is secret is not proof that there are aliens there, it's just a myth that people enjoy, so it spread.

  • No, it is a convenient story

    I think the government has allowed the myth that there are aliens and alien spacecraft stored at Area 51 to spread in order to cover up the actual operations of that base. I believe for sure that there are indeed aliens in the galaxy, and that they have come to Earth, but I highly doubt the government would have all things associated with aliens stored in a well known spot like Area 51.

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