• People on welfare in the United States have too many babies.

    The government should stop handing out support based on family size. I know families who would be considered pretty well off, but they have 6+ children, and one parent decides to stay at home to home school while the other parent continues working. With only one income, they qualify for Medicaid, food stamps, etc. BS!

  • Ya' Think so?

    I thought China's one kid policy was mere genius. The best thing I have heard on the news in the US in forever was a married couple at a "defund Obamacare" campaign that had nine (9) kids from 9 mos to 15 yrs. And were shouting be responsible for your own children...Blarty blar. Curiously, when the reporter asked what their healthcare was...Come on guess....MEDICAID. The 'father' could not support tall his kids, so they got Medicaid and food stamps and the wife said she shouldn't have to quit having kids just because they cannot afford them. HOWEVER, no one else 'deserves' healthcare. Hmm, I don't seem to 'get it' unless it means it's all for me and screw you?

  • Yes and the effects are there to see

    Many species are extinct or are going extinct directly because of us. We are outcompeting far to many animals for food, space, and water. If we were a more sparsely populated species with few numbers then the world we be much more diverse. I don't suggest we kill ourselves to cut the population down but we should think carefully about lowering our birthrates to a minimum where possible.

  • Natural increase of people is quite natural.

    More and more people would be glad to live. Birth control is unnatural. God commanded people to Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Each and every human life is of immense value and sacred, thus human populations ought to grow and spread naturally without birth control. Encourage large families worldwide so that more and more people can experience life.

  • Earth has enough resources

    To support the entire population. The problem is how those resources are used and distributed. If every individual was given the opportunity to earn a decent living, there would be no super elite class. There would also be no one who is unable to meet their basic needs. There is no doubt that the environment is affected by the growing population, but how much of the population is actually using those resources to the fullest?

  • Wildlife, Wildlife, Wildlife!!!

    We have lost 20% percent of all known species to extinction over the past 100 years and this is because we are hunting down alot of their food e.g. elephants (used for ivory tusks) and Rhinos (body parts used in tribal medicine). We have also driven or are driving many animals into extinction by cutting down rainforests, we are stripping all sorts of species of their habitats and food that they eat and this is killing them.
    Overall i believe that we should stop doing the things that we are doing, because the more people that are born onto this earth, the more demand there is for food and more pressure is put on the loggers in the rainforests to cut down more trees to house cattle ranches and all sorts of farmland which destroys the soil and therefore it is impossible to grow more trees onto this soil so rainforest is lost perminantly.
    I plea to anyone who want to start a family, please have 1 or 2 children because that is enough any more and it will put more pressure on resources and the above will keep on occuring!!!

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