Are there always issues with the initial release of a product like the iPhone 6?

  • Yes I think so

    I worked for at&t for a while, and when the first ever iPhone came out there were so many issues with it, I wondered why people even bought them. They should not have this many issues though because this isn't really a NEW product, just a revamped version of a line.

  • yes there are

    I have noticed with alot of the latest gadgets such as the iPhone,xbox, playstation etc there will always be problems with them when they are released I think the products should be properly tested and only a limited number of them to be released for testing purposes so that these problems don't occur.

  • No, There aren't

    I don't think there are always issues with initial releases of products, its just that the ones that happen always go viral really quickly due to the use of the internet. A lot of devices launch and are problem free. Some devices / software updates are rushed to the market without correct testing which is where the problem arises

  • More Common Now

    I think issues like were seeing with Apple's iPhone 6 do happen from time to time. Similar product problems have occurred throughout. However, I feel they are more common now. I think the reason for this is the speed at which we attack things. Apple was trying to stick to a schedule. Here it's obvious they should have spent more time with quality testing.

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