• I think therefor I am

    While our experience and memories of the physical world around us could very well be a manifestation of out imagination, the one thing we can be sure to exist is ourselves at this very moment. For how could you observe the universe, whatever it may actually be, without an observer to exist?

  • There has to be absolutes

    Starting with mathematics as we know them, there has to be things that are universally true, and would be true regardless of the society. So long as the idea is expressed, the response will always be the same. Eg. 1+1=2. So long as this idea is understood, it cant be logically denied, and is an absolute truth. This can then be, debatable, extended to other topics like morality. All things considered, lying is wrong. This doesn't mean that there are no instances in which lying isn't wrong, but in general, lying is unideal. In the same way, it is wrong to rape and kill little children for fun. Not saying, some theoretical scenario may arise in which you must rape/kill a little child, but if solely for fun, this is wrong regardless of society, species, or time. Even if we did not exist, by understanding the terms, you would be required to accept the statement as absolutely true

  • Silly question really

    It's a self defeating statement to announce, "There are no absolutes!" If there are no absolutes, then that statement is not absolute. If that statement is absolute, then the statement would be false. If you were to say, "There are absolutes!" That would be an absolute statement, and would be absolute.

  • Yes there are...

    Nobody has ever proved there are not any absolutes because they can't absolutely prove it.
    Sometimes I ask "Do you believe in absolute truths?"
    And the person says, "No."
    I'll ask, "Are you sure?"
    And they will say, "Yes."
    I'll say, "Are you absolutely sure?"

    When you believe something you should have a good reason behind it.

    If there where no absolutes I would be allowed to go up to someone and kick them in the shin and when the say, "What the heck?" I would be able to continue kicking them in the shin because it's my truth that that's what needs to happen.

    See their logic? If it's my truth to go on a murder rampage spree and kill thousands of people, then you put me in a asylum you would be hindering my truth and that would be wrong.

  • I believe that there are some things in this world that are absolute. Whether it be a physical or mental, their are some absolutes.

    1. I am alive. Since humans can measure and identify death and I am not experiencing those symptoms, I must be the opposite. Alive.

    2. I can make my own decisions. I am not under the control of another being or person, but I am under a direct or indirect influence of other beings and people.

  • I doubt the existence of absolutes.

    The existence of absolutes only apply to a human perspective. In order for a principle to be considered absolute it must therefore apply to all entities in all situations. It is impossible to have any knowledge concerning any issue from a nonhuman perspective, thereby eliminating any possibility of knowing with certainty that any absolutes exist. Morality is ultimately subjective according to the scenario and culture in which it is applied; ancient civilizations exemplify this perfectly in their acceptance of practices that contemporary society deems as taboo. Human sacrifice and torture have been condoned in history, even if in by today's standards that is wrong modern culture has no right to demonize that practice according to our own standard. With regards to knowledge, you cannot be certain to an absolute degree that you exist, no matter how high the probability of your existence may be. You have no free will and therefore do not know with certainty that the spontaneous manifestation of thoughts and impulses that arise unconsciously are not the result of an external entity beyond human comprehension. Mathematics and logic can be skewed in every sense in order for it to remain applicable, as well as the existence of mathematics in general can be questioned. Abstracts can never be proven to an absolute extent and mathematics falls under that category due to the fact that mathematics, as well as logic, are not as foundational as most would assume simply because they cannot exist outside of human comprehension. If humanity ceased to exist, mathematics and logic would dissolve as well.

  • There aren't any

    There are no absolutes because there's nothing that can be conclusively stated that is unassailable, that is, no one can come up with a logical counter to. Scientific, religious and other beliefs get amended, debunked and/or criticised roundly and if we lived long enough, say , forever the notion of absolutes would be ridiculous as it is based on constrained thinking ( things are true in this time and space, but time and space are not constant ). You can not be absolutely sure even if you are the initiator of your actions or merely deluded into thinking you are

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