• Drinking Before Age 25 Can Cause Brain Damage

    Research shows that “brain scans show clearly that the brain is not fully finished developing until about age 25. ” In addition, Studies show that drinking and doing drugs when the body isn’t fully developed can cause long term damage when people grow in the future (in-text citation). Consequently, Since the brain and body aren’t fully developed until 25, The drinking age should be raised. Therefore, Due to the potential development effects drinking can cause in young adolescents, The drinking age should be raised to 25. Studies have shown that drinking during adolescence can also decrease bone density, This is only one of the many ways drinking before 25 can harm the body.

  • Alcoholism Ruined My Family

    All of my siblings and both of my parents became alcoholics. My mother died from cirrhosis by the enabling my father provided. Perhaps if they started a few years later in their lives, They wouldn't have ruined them. The mind isn't finished developing till age 25 so we should deter people from stunting that development. 21-year-olds will still have access to alcohol but much fewer teens will. Alcohol is a much more dangerous drug than cannabis and both should have a minimum age of 25.

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    What Should The Legal Drinking Age Be?
    Drinking has been in this world for centuries. People drink for different purposes some for blocking out emotions or for parties or holidays and etc. Drinking can have many side effects depending on what you consume. But what should the legal drinking age really be? The legal drinking age should be 26. There are many reasons why but the main one is brain development.
    Many people drink, From 70 and down. Many teenagers drink illegally because of peer pressure. Drinking for some people can make them feel happy or leave from “this world/reality”, But drinking can make people do crazy things. Drinking things like alcohol may not have its toll on you at that moment but if you keep on then it can lead to long term side effects. Some people who illegally drink might not be able to handle all of its side effects. And may have consequences like abuse of other drugs, Memory problems, Car crashes, Assault, Insanities, Unwanted sexual activity, And legal quandaries.
    It is stated in many articles that the brain doesn’t fully stop developing until the age of 25. Meaning that even though the law says 21, It still can impact them as much as a teenager. It should also be raised because it is true that once teens start drinking they become dependent on that alcohol later in life. But at the age of like 25-26, They will be starting up their life

  • As a 25 year old

    Yes it should be raised to 25 not just because I am 25 and would still be able to drink but because of how i drank when I was between 18 and 22 which was drink as much as possible compared how I drink now which is just a beer or two hardly often at all.

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  • Their are irresponsible teenagers that take drinking as a joke.

    Their are kids that think that drinking is ok and that getting wasted is fun, but they are not ready for the responsibility that comes with drinking. Alcohol poisoning is no joke and if these chi9ldish kids don't take it seriously they can get alcohol poisoning. The age of 25 for drinking to me seems perfectly fine.

  • 21 year old's get drunk and fight!

    When i was 21-24 me and my buddies would go out get drunk and start fights. After I turned 27 we settled down had families and became more responsible. We don't go out and create trouble . But I see lots of young adults doing that same crap we use to do. They just are not mature enough to handle it.

  • That would be a really positive desicion

    Research has shown that the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Some of the last parts to develop are those of morality and impulse control.

    Research has also shown that excessive drinking before the age of 25 can slow and even stop that brain development, meaning people will not ever reach full maturity of their morality and impulse control. This increases the crime rate.

  • Yes, there are many benefits to raising the drinking age

    At twenty one, your brain is still growing and developing. Polluting it with alcohol can do serious and permanent damage. Also, and twenty five, most people are more mature, and capable of making better decisions. Raising the drinking age will also lead to fewer drunk driving incidents. There is no reason not to raise the drinking age, the sooner, the better.

  • Why do this!

    Doing that would be pure gay ya bunch a daftys, How u meant to have fun at the age of 16. The next generation is fucked man 16 year olds are going to be gimps cos all you being plebs and want to increase the drinking age and now wee guys won't know how to fight or be a proper man! If anything a would follow russia and start them young so when they grow up they are tanks and know how to stick up for themselves! Fuck milk man yous should be feeding ur wains vodka from the day they leave your misses so they grow up to be a proper man

  • Helping your body

    People do not reach their physical maturity until age 25. Because of this people should not be able to drink until their are fully mature. Also the brain is still developing until this age, so being able to drink before this can alter their coordination and reaction times permanently changing the amount of activity in the brain.

  • I can't think of any

    I really do not think there will be a whole lot of maturity going on between the ages of 21-25. I simply do not see any benefits at all of changing the legal drinking age to 25. I think 21 is old enough as it is so I think this would be pointless.

  • There are no benefits to this.

    The legal drinking age in America is already nonsensical, so the only thing you would be doing by raising the age is creating more non-violent criminals. America should not be in the business of creating criminals for crimes that don't really exist at all, they should be encouraging consumers to consume in the free-market.

  • No, I don't think there any benefits to changing the legal drinking age to 25.

    I believe changing the drinking age to 25 would be excessive and punishing and bring very little change, not only would tax revenues on liquor sales go down because of the people now forbidden to buy liquor but overall I think the Government would not be doing any good by making this change.

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