• Head to the light.

    There are a couple of bright spots but not many. The good news is that these bright spots can be increased and can grow to help the whole economy. One of the brightest spots is the fact that people are increasingly growing in support to bring jobs back to the United States instead of outsourcing. There have been more and more companies doing this and seeing success.

  • Yes, there are bright spots in the U.S. economy

    I think there are a couple things to be encourage about in regards the economy of the United States of America. There are signs that the housing market seems to be getting better. The unemployment numbers seem to be decreasing. And I think that the private sector is going to start getting better as well.

  • Yes there are bright spots in the US economy.

    There are bright spots in the US economy, first of all the overall employment situation is improving. The economy has generated overall positive job growth for the past two year. Manufacturing companies are adding jobs as fast as they can hire qualified applicants. In fact many US manufacturing companies that had off-shored job are bringing them back to the US mainland.

  • There are bright spots in the US economy.

    There is always a bright spot in every economy, a certain niche that a certain economy just fits into. For the United States economy, there are more than one bright spot. For example, the United States has produced more soybeans in the last year than China, Brazil, Japan and India combined.

  • Bad news for economy

    There are not really any bright spots in the United States economy. This is being propped up by our increasing debt and crazy spending but sooner rather than later, this is going to come crashing down. This happened to the nation of Greece, and this could happen to America if the people and the politicians do not watch out.

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