Are there any compelling arguments in favor of God's existence?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • For argument's sake

    For the sake of argument, I'm going to assert that there must be a higher power in one form or another. Originally I'm agnostic, but every now and then I ask myself certain philosophical questions such as, "Why are we here?", "Where did the universe, Earth and all its natural beauty come from?" and I think, "All this has to have some kind of creator".

  • Yes there is

    I would say that the Transcendental Argument for the Existence of God proves it without a doubt.

    The argument (in simplified terms) is how Laws of logic (and induction, morality, etc.) all presuppose the existence of God and that to otherwise deny God is to deny Logical reasoning. Therefore, the existence of God is necessary because with out God you cannot prove anything. You would have no basis or proof of immaterial concepts like Laws of Logic being universal and reason to believe they always work in particular ways.
    Therefore, Atheism is an irrational religion.

  • Science has gotten us very far

    Although I am a heavy believer in science and scientific knowledge I still believe that the bible has some valid points in society.

    One major statement that has been said countless times is that it is simple human ignorance to believe we are the best things in the universe. There is most probably a superior being that can transcend dimensions as we know it, one that escapes all current knowledge, one that would most likely defy the laws that we have currently set up for physics. But please do not mistake me for someone who rejects science and medicine I am massively interested on engineering.

  • Yes the answer to our existence point to God P.S the Big Bang is in the Bible

    1.Whatever is in motion must be put in motion by another thing, so there must be an unmoved mover also known as God. Science supports that everything in motion was once moved. So God moved everything in the beginning.
    2. It is in our interests to believe in God, the argument suggests, and it is therefore rational for us to do so.
    3. The world has a purpose for existence and it all points to God.
    These are just a few out of many

  • Yes, there are many.

    To answer "no" to this question means you must not have encountered many arguments for God's existence. There are many arguments, and even if they are all wrong, that doesn't mean they aren't compelling. My favorites are the argument from first cause, the fine-tuned universe, and the moral argument. I think that these all show quite a bit of evidence for the existence of a higher power, and are quite compelling even if they may be wrong.

  • I'd like to say it's not a simple but it is

    The embodiment of God is to represent Light (feelings of good), creation, and order. I don't understand the point of debating this fact is that all that has ever been taught about his character. With that being said all that would be left in return is Darkness (feelings of spite/evil), destruction, and chaos. It should be a matter of what matters to you deep down.

  • Yes. Well, Sorta.

    There may not be any explicit argument in favor of God, in the form that most people tend to conceive, but many strong cases can be made in favor of supernatural beings or occurrences. One such case is the sad reality that mankind is not remotely capable of observing every phenomena in the known universe, so we must accept that there are events, and very likely beings that we cannot comprehend, and we possibly never will. The only way for mankind to entirely do away with all concepts of the supernatural is to evolve enough that we can conceive, observe, and explain absolutely every event in the known or unknown universe.

  • Compelled to laugh.

    The big problem with theistic arguments is that they presume the existence of god to draw any evidence.
    Example: Some people claim that martians built the pyramids. Would they not have to first show that martians exist before making such claims or should we just assume they do and accept the pyramids as evidence they were here? You see, this is the problem theists have with circular reasoning. Before you can accept A or B as evidence, you must prove that either A or B is true. Clearly you can not base a premise on what you are trying to conclude. Example: Christians claim the bible is fact because it is the word of god. They also claim that god is real because the bible says so.
    I find philosophical question a bit funny as they imply meaning/purpose behind something that has none. "Why are we here?" Obviously they are not looking for a physical or biological reason but for some deeper purpose. You might as well as "Why do snowflakes have 6 sides instead of 5 or 7. Sure, the physical reason is because the a water crystal has 6 sides but there is no deeper meaning behind it. If you think about it. If a god did exist, why would it want to create life? Being a god it would not be able to identify with something that can die or feel pain. A god would not have any need to create life as it's existence would not depend on life to exist. If a god did create the universe, I would guess it may have done it by accident like the Great Green Arkleseizure who sneezed out the universe in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Clearly creating life would have no use or purpose to a god and would probably be more of a pain in the asteroid.

  • No, there is not

    If this all powerful, omniscient God really existed, wouldn't he be able to show his creations once and for all that he is in fact real? He could stop arguments (like this one) now, just with a snap of his fingers. But he doesn't. You guys need to grow up and stop worshipping your imaginary friends.

    Question for Christians: If your child or loved one was ill, which would work better: Taking them to a hospital for medical service, or praying?

  • None what so ever

    ''god stands for light, and justice and good things and morals'' as do sane people so this doesn't prove shit

    ''it is in our interest to believe in god'' why? Because he threatens to send us to hell? I'd rather not believe in a dictator

    religion(so god) was invented by humans to control people that is all there is to it.

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