• Yes!

    I am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory! I know this next one is thought of as more of a kid show, but I love the comedy Jessie. I think it is more of a family show than a kid show, and just because it is on Disney Channel doesn't mean it is for kids. It also proves that a show can be funny without all the sexual and cruel humor. That's my spiel, anyway.

  • Yes

    I'm a fan of How I Met Your Mother and believe me that show is pretty funny. Since Two and a Half Men died with Ashton Kutcher I stopped watching sitcoms, but I started watching HIMYM recently this show and I think its really good compared to what is on TV right now.

  • Good comedies

    Yes, I think there are still some good family comedies on television these days. It's hard to find them, but they are there. One good example is Malibu Country with Reba and Lily Tomlin. It's a good wholesome family show that can make you laugh a lot. There are other family shows as well.

  • The Simpsons!

    While trashy, distasteful, and non-family friendly The Simpsons are one of the best comedies on television. I really love the dynamic within the family that the viewer knows will be random, maybe even ridiculous but will end in hilarity. While I think the show has had it's downfalls and high times it has consistently been a great way to relax and get in a couple of great laughs.

  • Not anymore, for one simple reason:

    They tend to resort to recorder laughs to mark the moment when the audience should find that moment to be funny, and they are mostly played when something dramatic is happening. Or it can also happen that they resort to sexual jokes to appeal to people with poor taste.
    There is just not comedy anymore, aside from some masterpieces, here and there. It is hard to decide what do you really find funny when they are constantly trying to push their poor attempts at humor down your throat.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Not at all

    There are rarely any good TV comedies on these days, and several of them are quite terrible. I do enjoy Modern Family, but most of the other shows are rehashing old plots and old characters from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. When you have seen the same show so many times they cease to be interesting.

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