Are there any good reasons to keep women out of active combat roles?

  • Yes, there are good reasons to keep women out of active combat.

    Although a blanket prohibition against women in combat appears inappropriate, some reasons do exist to keep women away from the proverbial front lines. Specifically, many women tend to lack some of the physical attributes that military experts deem necessary for combat duty. These women should not be placed into such roles. However, women who do have the physical capabilities necessary for combat should not be precluded from so serving.

  • Yes, there are physical obstacles keeping women out of active combat

    First off, there are many women more qualified to be in active combat than the average man. With that being said, there are some physical barriers preventing even the best women from participating in combat. Women have less body strength than men, meaning that they cannot carry as heavy packs as men. Women also have an unavoidable feminine cycles, which can hinder effectiveness in combat.

  • Simply put, folks: Gender makes no difference in a combat situation, but skill certainly does.

    There is simply no evidence (and whatever they tout as "evidence" is clearly trumped up) that women are inferior to men in active combat roles. Provided they are motivated and able-bodied enough to complete the skill tests required of all entrants to the armed services, whether National Guard or Navy SEALs, a woman CAN be effective in a combat situation, and there is simply no reason to continue to exclude them from active combat duty or even Selective Service for that matter. It's simply long overdue to accept that fact and our armed services need all the manpower (and womanpower) that they can get.

  • There are no good reasons that women should be kept out of active combat if they are willing.

    Women willing to enter active combat during military service should not be prevented from doing so. Women who are trained from military service are physically and mentally strong. Furthermore, women tend to be more rational in crisis situations and are more creative problem solvers than men. Women, therefore, could actually be a valuable addition to active combat.

  • Combat roles should be determined by skill, not gender.

    Combat roles should be determined by a soldier's skill in fighting enemies, not a person's gender. If a woman has the physical strength, agility and quick decision making to fight against enemy soldiers on the other side, then she should be allowed to be on the front line fighting in combat.

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