Are there any logical reasons to stay or convert to Judaism?

Asked by: GOP
  • Don't let people bring you down.

    Stay Jewish. We have a strong foundation, proven by 3 million witnesses to G-d. The goal is to get closer to G-d, and satisfy what he demands from us. And to become better people by listening to his word. If you are thinking of converting but are discouraged because of the strict laws of conversion, then perhaps think about being a Karaite Jew. You can convert anytime anyplace. Unlike the orthodox and conservative. Karaites believe in the Torah, and Tanakh. But not the Talmud. The thing with the oral law (talmud) is even if it did exist, it changes until its nothing like the original. Like when your a kid you whisper a phrase into someones ear, by the time they pass it on to like 10 people, its completely changed. Do your research, read the Torah, and follow what your heart tells you. Don't be persuaded by the ignorance of the mass, because of their confusion and anger at what they do not understand.

  • It is nothing special.

    Judaism is a religion like every other. No evidence, holy book that promotes ethnic cleansing, subjugation of women, crazy rituals etc...
    Although at least they don't have the shove-it-down-your-throat recruitment process that other religions do.
    But the origins of Judaism show its falsehood. Prepare for a blown mind.

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