• Real estate taxes bring peace to neighborhoods.

    Although real estate taxes are often high, there are pros to having them. For example, these taxes help ensure that riff-raff stays out of the neighborhood. People who have to consistently work to pay real estate tax are more concerned about keeping their property nice and their environments quiet and crime-free.

  • Pros of Real Estate Taxes

    Yes, I do believe there are pros to real estate taxes. These taxes are used to support our local police/fire departments and fund our government. Also these taxes can support education programs and even some medical services. I believe our society has need of these services and they need to be funded in order to continue. That is why I feel there are pros to real estate taxes and why they are necessary.

  • Yes There Are

    I believe there are pros to real estate taxes in the United States. I have been paying real estate taxes for twelve years and each time I receive these taxes it clearly indicates where the funds go. The majority usually goes to the local public schools. My son uses these services so that is a large pro right there. Many other divisions of services are funded through real estate taxes as well, but they vary depending on where you live. I actually don't mind paying my real estate taxes.

  • Real Estate Taxes have pros

    Real Estate taxes provide for community improvement. That can be anything from a new roof on the community center to a new stop light at a busy intersection. Taxes are very versatile if used and legislated correctly. They can do a lot of good in the community. We just need to keep a close eye on our representatives and ensure they are acting in the community's best interest, not theirs.

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