• There are safe bets for college-bound students

    There are safe bets for college-bound students. It all depends on the major choice the student chooses. Art for instance, is nice and creative, but it will be very hard for the student to earn a decent paying job after school is done. Computer programming or technology on the other hand would make a well qualified major for any college-bound student. The student should choose a major that is well sought and highly valuable in our economy.

  • Yes, there are safe bets for college-bound students

    College-bound students can safely bet that they will pay more in tuition than the previous generations ever did. They will be required to graduate in order to earn even a menial job in the future marketplace. They will be paid the barest of bare minimums upon starting, and are very likely to need to start their own business and be successful if they want any job security. They also can bet that their education will not be as open or worldly as the prior generations.

  • Yes, there is.

    Some fields may not be safe to go into as it's hard to get some jobs. People tend to think all computer fields are a safe bet, but this is not the case. Graphic design is a hard field to get into now because of the high amount of skilled workers in this field. But something like programming, if you're a hard worker that knows his/her stuff, then it would be a safe bet to study that in college.

  • No, there are no safe-bets for college-bound students.

    I do no think there is such thing as a safe bet for a college-bound student. I think that going to college is always going to be a risk regardless of what class course they decide to take. And it is important for people to realize that. But I do think that people should encourage a college eduation.

  • College bound students should apply as many places as possible.

    Every student will be accepted to a junior college because there is no denial criteria but as far as 4 year college, there is no safe bet. Every student has to complete the application process and every student has to be selected. The safest bet would be to get good grades and be involved in activities and sports.

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