• Yes Some Are!

    Stereotypes can be true! For example, a geek likes Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Star Trek, y'know stuff like that, and they are normally obsessed with these things. I am a geek and I love these things, Therefore stereotypes can be true. Same with preps, nerds, goths, and punks etc.

  • There are exceptions to every "rule" but I believe more in correlation as opposed to causation.

    A person's actions, attitude, thoughts and beliefs are majorly impacted by family and friends...Environmental retardation. I was at an awards ceremony for a school of kids and teachers that were primarily one race with a few other races mixed in. I noticed these kids received teacher chosen awards for conduct and athletics as well as grades. Awards were also given for state testing scores-not chosen by the teachers and assignments that an unbiased 3rd party graded... Not one of these kids achieved an above average score.

  • Yes, not completely

    While of course there is no stereotype that covers every single person in a specific group, there are ones that do meet the truth of a lot of people. I'm Jewish, and I admit, we mostly have big, large, "unusual" noses. Maybe not every Asian is great at math or science, but the statistics show they are better in these categories on average by far. I also believe the majority of Mexicans are hardworkers (not hardworking farmers, just in general, in any line of work, I believe they tend to have more ambition and work at it). Certainly not all stereotypes are true, but plenty are for a majority or have some logical root, and they tend to be the good or average ones.

  • Yes

    How in the world would the stereotypes come up if there were chance of them being true? Ask yourself that questions and then answer this question no. I don't believe that my response is politically incorrect in any way.

  • Yes, stereotypes have some basis in fact

    Are all stereotypes true? No, they are not. However, there are some stereotypes that are based in fact. Usually, these tend to be positive stereotypes. For example, the stereotype that Asians are good at math is based on the fact that education is important in Asian cultures, and students apply themselves to their work, which leads to better results.

  • Yes, but not completely

    Stereotypes started for a reason because someone saw that there was a problem and that is what started the stereotype. I do not think that means that they are completely true because there are exceptions to each of them. Also there are many people that work hard to prove or defeat the stereotype that they are faced with.

  • Of freaking course!

    Nearly every steryotype is true! All of the most common stereotypes are based on truth. If they weren't, nobody would have said them in the first place. As a society, we need to think a little more before we freak out about a word. We are extremely ignorant, and must recognize this to make a change. That is a true stereotype.

  • Stereotypes sometimes hurt because they are true.

    Humans are good at many things. Among them, the ability to observe patters and repetition, and at being critical of others. Combine the two, and you get a long list of stereotypes about anyone and anything. Which means, like it or not, stereotypes about those things are usually true because we have observed them to be so. However, stereotypes should not be treated as generalizations, that's where the problem comes in.

  • No I don't think there any stereotypes that are true

    Stereotypes are extreme arguments to demonize a particular group of people. Be it blacks, gays, mexicans, or any other minority type group that exists, they all operate the same. None of them are true because everyone is different and acts different. Will some act in the way they are envisioned to? Yes, but to make them all out to be that way is never accurate. So no I don't think there any stereotypes that are true, because the number of people that would have to uphold that is just too big. No one group can be the same across the board, it just isn't going to happen.

  • There is a slight truth to it...

    There is a slight truth to it, lets say like, Americans are fat. There might be a good bit of fat Americans but the stereotypes seem to make it WAY over dramatic. Lets also say British people have bad teeth, there might be a good handful of British people with bad teeth but like before, they are way over dramatic about it.

  • Deeper Dive into The Definition

    A stereotype is defined as an observation that has roots in some fact that has been observed about some situations. However, a key component often forgotten about the definition is that it is a generalization applied to "all" of the subject of the stereotype. Therefore, it ls literally impossible for any stereotype to be true, simply because the odds are just too high for any complete population of a given demographic to have ANY attribute be true.

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Anonymous says2013-03-27T15:03:30.650
Stereotypes aren't always true but on ocassion one that's true may pop up.