• It depends how you define it.

    There are many places where you can get news that does not have a slant on it. It might not be from a major TV news source, but you can get news that keeps its bias to the editorials sections and keeps those perfectly fair. Some of the major news sources do provide perfectly good news once you take out the commentary. Without the commentary, CNN is fairly reliable in presenting mostly unbiased news. I will admit that media bias is a problem in America, but it is unfair to say there are no sources.

  • The fourth estate is in receivership!

    There once was a time when news reporting was considered the 4th branch of government. It was there to keep politicians afraid of the light of true information as to what they were doing . It was there to keep them honest and reporters were held in high esteem. Now they have devolved into a group of political hacks that get their marching orders from the DNC or the RNC. They have done this in light of their listeners or readers political views. The blue state media and the red state media have sold their collective souls for profit and success. The only loser in this is the American public and the future of the United States of America. If you believe I am wrong point out one universally accepted broadcaster or newsman as we had in the past.

  • All are biased

    Can't believe someone listed CNN. Issue is most tend to believe in facts they lead towards. I wish they would just list the facts in short form. A lot of them only report the sorts they want. So in the end the bleeding hearts get embellished bleeding heart sorts and the others get stories about how the whole country is slipping away. The truth is out there somewhere but not the News

  • No Money In The Truth

    The truth is not good for business, never was never will be. Money and ratings (go hand in hand) are more important than disseminating factual unbiased events. Worse yet, a majority of the American people seem pretty much apathetic about events that do not directly influence their lives or comfort level. I cant' decide what is worse, the cowardly mongrels in the media, or the American public and our growing sociopathic lifestyles.

  • Bias is human nature, and will always be.

    In order for a news network to be purely unbiased, they need to report facts. Problem is, facts are manipulated to shine light or darkness on a certain political party and their members. The mainstream media and news in general has a massive power over the opinions and information retaliated to the public, and since everyone is personally biased one way or another they will believe the facts and information that line up with their beliefs making it very hard to feed straight up facts to people.

  • There is no "news"

    Coming from the household of a mid 20th century newspaper editor, I can conclusively state that there are no more reporters in the media today, they've been tossed out in favor of journalists. The big switch began in earnest in the early 1970s when the AP and UPI wire services determined that all new hires must have a journalism degree. That mentality spread to the print and video media and today we have this mess. Editors used to 'blue pencil' every article, that was drawing a blue line through all adjectives and adverbs in a reporters story to see if there was really anything of value in the copy. Today, the more bellicose and inflammatory the better, and it's a prime source of the extreme polarization we see in cultures everywhere.

  • No there are none

    A quick listen and read around the media will tell you very quickly what you may have already suspected to be true.All the news sites are all biased, and if it is unbiased and unfiltered news you are seeking out I am very sorry to say that you are out of luck nowadays

  • There are no unbiased news sources.

    Every new source has some kind of bias. Even if it is unconscious, there is also a certain bias. Even the questions people ask, and they way that they ask them usually contain cultural baggage. It is impossible in this world to be totally objective. There is always some subjectivity.

  • There is no unbiased reporting.

    Or at least in this day and age, correctly taught journalism and freedom of the press is a limiting factor on government bodies. When the people are informed their employees are more obedient. Now the major media is owned by either one or another political entity. To give examples:

    Fox news is 100% slanted towards the Republican party, not all conservatives; just the Republican party.
    MSNBC on the other hand is just the opposite, favoring the side of the Democrat party. CNN is much the same.

    We need genuine journalists, and not some opinion columns. It seems these days what we get is every reporter spewing their own opinion rather than the facts. FACTS ARE NEWS.

  • Bias manifests itself in how something is reported as well as in what gets reported (or doesn't), but the former type seems more blameworthy.

    News sources display bias simply in selecting what to report on, so at the very least there will be implicit- if unintentional- tendencies to report on certain topics. As has been noted already, humans inherently discriminate based on their experiences, knowledge, etc. It may seem prima facie possible to report a given story in a factual way (i.E. No commentary or subjective takes on the facts). However, the writer is still filtering out details they believe to be irrelevant, so again selection bias creeps in. The kind of bias we seem to reject as readers is "slant", where the language is chosen in a way that feels intentionally persuasive, which leads us to discredit that news source. Selection bias- being often unintentional or unavoidable- seems less blameworthy compared to deliberate twists of fact.

  • All things operated for profit are politically biased because money is the lifeblood of politics.

    Any news channel that blames everything they don't like on one party is politically biased. Most news channels are like that now. The closest to unbiased news I have heard is from public radio which is supported by private donations, not corporate/political funding. The most interesting American news I ever see is from over seas reporting. It is very educational to hear American politics presented from the BBC for example.

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