Are there authentic accounts of Bates method success stories?

  • It is hope

    It's a little known fact that we see partially with our eyes and more with our brain.The Bates method syncs the brain and the eyes...It may not restore your vision to 20/20 but can certainly lower your prescription.Guess what I have a wandering eye and it's straight when I want it to be and it wanders when I let it wander.I know it sounds cheesy but it does

  • Yes there is.

    There are some authentic accounts of Bates method success stories. While there may not be many of them, and most of the ones that you have heard are probably not authentic, there is bound to be a few out there that are real. Even the weirdest things work once in a while.

  • Do an Internet Search

    There are plenty of success stories using the Bates method to restore eyesight. There are forum posts and blog entries to check when the official Bates method website seems to be too partial when it lists testimonials. If nothing else works, sometimes radical ways of doing things work. That's where something like the Bates method comes into play.

  • They are wishful thinking.

    No, there are not authentic accounts of Bates method success stories, because those who have said that it works have only wished that it works. They have reviewed the stories of so-called success, and they have found those stories to be doubtful. The stories are nothing more than the placebo effect from people who want it to work.

  • There are not

    Like so many other fads or overly hyped trends, Bates' method is little more the undocumented fiction, and has very little truth and in it. People are always coming up with new things that purport to help people do X or Y, but they are almost always false, in order to profit.

  • No probably not.

    There are probably no authentic accounts of Bates method success stories. It is very hard to make eyesight better and requires laser surgery. The success stories are probably paid for because it is just another one of those things made for the creator to get rich off of. Like many things.

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