Are there barriers to female representation in leadership in the American workforce?

Asked by: hsingh1
  • Yes there are.

    - They comprise only 25 percent of executive- and senior-level officials and managers, Hold 20 percent of board seats and only 6 percent are CEOs
    - unequal pay
    - income gap for minority women even wider
    - bias
    - women make up only 27 percent of those who are paid $100, 000 or more per year

  • No there aren't. F***ing get over it.

    There aren't any barriers holding back women in the west. They can get a job a man would have to bust his ass for simply because they're women. If a man has no connections at the business they seek to work in, They won't get the job if a woman with equal experience and qualification applies. Period.

    The only reason women seem to be persecuted these days is because #1 they don't compete as hard for a decent wage as a man does, #2 they do not seek out more demanding positions, Preferring a better shared time at work and at home, And #3 a few extremely rich men decided they wanted women as sex slaves and couldn't keep from assaulting them at work too. A woman that applies herself can attain as much as, If not more, Than the common man.

    But facts don't matter to the people that keep yelling that women are persecuted. The fact is that some people are just hopelessly f***ing stupid, And nothing you say will ever change their minds. All you can do is hope that some tragic act of 'nature' balances out the stupidity in our population before this entire nation internally combusts from the fart-sniffing these retards do.

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