Are there benefits to being sexually attractive?

Asked by: fahadjanjua
  • There are benefits to being sexually attractive.

    There are benefits to being sexually attractive. People will treat you better if they find you attractive, and you will probably get better treatment every where you go. You will also probably get a better spouse, and overall live a better life than your less attractive counterparts. It is good to be pretty.

  • Being sexually attractive is beneficial in getting ahead.

    Our society puts great emphasis on being sexually attractive. Studies have consistently shown that those who are sexually active are helped faster by associates in shops, are offered jobs more often than those who are not and receive more attention in general. The ability to command a presence is a definite benefit to being sexually attractive.

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maxxxz says2013-06-17T13:54:10.340
You get special treatment in almost every place you go. You wouldn't have to work so hard to mate with the opposite sex. Job interviews would be a lot easier. You would have more friends. More people would look up to you. More people would be nicer to you in public. You could be rich by joining a modelling or adult company. The list goes on and on.
Quan says2013-06-17T15:53:44.807
^ On the other hand, you're at an increased risk of sexual harrassment and assault.