• Depends on situation but done correctly, Its a yes

    Marriage between a child and an adult (like what is common in islam) is not really a great thing. Between children is akin to the boy-next-door and the -girl-next-door marrying with the knowledge and consent of their parents. It is basically setting up two kids to be with each other all the time, Allowing them to grow up with each other and understand each other. Might be stifling but if relationship issues are noticed at a young age, Easier to exit and restart. Since tolerance and compatibility can be taught at a young age, Shouldn't be a big deal.

  • Alright, Here we go. I feel like Jack from the movie Titanic. I really need to get this out.

    Ok, So I'll try to present my perspective on this subject in a positive way. Although I will not sugar coat some of this stuff. I will make it plain. It may be bitter for some so veiwer discretion is advised. I have had some of the most magical experiences from not being "politically correct. " I like to argue/debate for fun. I want to dedicate this expression of my freedom of speech and, Propose a toast to the one I hate the most my "Lil Battle Buddy" the infamous "Info-war-ior, Alex Jones. "I am going to white flag this one and just ignore you and pretend your partial truths don't exist. I am just going to stick my head in the sand and pretend these issues don't matter. I definitely agree with the practice of child marriage to a young adult girl as young as what the law in the seemingly last country that permits this allows. WHICH HAS NO MINIMUM AGE LIMIT FOR MARRIAGE-WHICH IS-YEMEN. I think the lines get kind of blurry with this but. I here that

  • Depends, But legally, Yes.

    As a starting point, I do not support a thirty something year old marrying a 9 year old. That's pedophilia and is absolutely unacceptable. However, When both parties are consenting teenagers (13+) I believe it could benefit society. It would stop the problem of teenagers being promiscuous and unwanted teen pregnancies. It would also strengthen the bond between husband and wife, As they would grow together and truly have a connection. For example, My great aunt married her husband when she was 13 and he was 18. They were together, Happily in love until he passed. They truly had a deep, Emotional bond that is missing in most modern-day marriage. Obviously, It depends on the teenager and if they're emotionally mature enough, But it cases where they are, There should be nothing stopping them.

  • Yes, There are alot.

    Child marriage has been performed since the beginning of time, And shall be adopted as society once again returns to its roots.
    Women cannot form proper bonds with their mates after 18.
    If the woman gets married at 9-14 which is a preferable age, To a man which is 16-25 years old they can have a fulfilling and happy life raising offspring and growing together.
    The man will raise the girl to be his wife, And the man will become a strong husband and the pillar to the family to come.
    Child marriage statistically benefits everything, Besides the mouthy jew that wants to destroy such a beautiful thing as a strong family in progress.
    It has always been the right option, No matter how insane it may sound. “Just a child” isnt an argument, Life is short and you have to make decisions and take risks order to create something that will be a backbone for generations to come.
    Child marriage should only be done in pure intent, With the consent of the parents and a plan of the future of the groom and bride. Raised religiously with moral values, There would be nothing seperating the husband and wife. No man, No woman would be able to tempt them to submit to outside desires. The ultimate marriage.

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  • A lot, obviously!

    My grandparents generation were lot more happier and healthier in their relationship than my parents generation and it is getting worse day by day. Look at divorce rates, single mother stats in USA, UK and Ireland etc. State cannot replace the father. Even the industrial revolution occurred at a time when marriages were done in time. Western politicians are screwing the entire world.

  • It was, is and will be normal

    Whether we marry girl whose age is between 10-18 to a boy of same age or older person it is not the matter, but problem is social ills from which we must protect our children.
    Sex is not the problem, every girl whether adult or minor is afraid for sometime.
    As marriage counselor I seen case where an adult educated married women was feeling afraid of sex with husband and there are cases where girls of 6-8 are having sex without any hesitation (in case of trobriander tribe in Papua, New Guinea), and I am not joking about this. (You can google it)
    It's about education, in case of trobriander tribe girl and boys are educated by there parents for marriage
    That's all.

  • There are downsides and upsides.

    Like someone above said, it is different, what kind of child marriage are we talking about? Well here is the answer to both.

    Okay so I get it, a child of 12 marrying a man of 65 does not seem appealing. However in some cases marriage is the only way out of being in A LOT of trouble. Also in some religions that's just the way it goes and it's hard to change that.

    Now if we are talking about child marrying child, it is different. I read a story about someone of 14 that was having a baby. She is not allowed to by the Law so she had to get married to dodge that law. Now instead of marrying the man that forced her to have, well a baby with her, she married her boyfriend. That I think is a much better solution.

    But over all you really should not be able to have a baby in a marriage until you are 18, or something.

  • Not necessarily bad

    It is true that many child marriages results in negative impact especially towards the bride. But what if this only happen in a number of countries? There are many occasions in few countries where the bride did not lose her rights. At the end of the day, everyone is happy. So why need to ban child marriage in the whole world? I suggest make the rules to child marriage more strict so that the future bride is protected. But there ARE countries that need to ban child marriage completely, considering their bad reputation so far.

  • Think of poor families and arranged marriages

    There are obvious benefits to child marriages. For example child marriages create financial stability which in turn means that the family will have their needs met, not to mention that the child who is getting married will have all her needs provided for. Morality itself needs to be questioned...We can all agree that killing someone is wrong and immoral, but in times of war killing is not only morally acceptable but is also encouraged. SO MORALITY ALL DEPENDS ON SITUATIONS, by the child marrying she is basically saving her family.
    I hoped this added some insight on the topic. There are no right or wrong answers...Sadly. All I can say is arranged marriages are needed in some cases and can save many lives.

  • You sick perverts

    Why don't you ask former child brides about it?
    They all hated it. They were manipulated by their parent into wanting to get married. One did not want to and she was forced to anyway.
    Most of them cried when they talked about their first night because it was rape.
    It dose not matter what age the groom is. 65 or 25 or 16 that is rape on the girl.
    They suffered from pregnancy complications and some lost babies and they did not know how to raise children.
    And a lot were beaten and treated like property and then divorced because they got to old.

    You sick perverts hide behind tradition but my God will judge you.

  • No. Not even between children.

    Child marriage is wrong. Period. You are robbing a child of their childhood, Of their freedom. Even if you wed two children, There's no guarantee that their marriage will have any benefits. They may grow apart as they grow up, They may learn that they're not attracted to each other anymore/never were in the first place (after all, We can't control or choose who we're attracted to), They may just become sick of each other, Or how about this: what if the relationship is/becomes abusive? What then? Can these children divorce, Or would their parents force them to stay together in a toxic relationship? What if their political/religious/life goals or so on don't line up? Those are just a few issues I can think of in regards to two children getting married who are hypothetically the same age. But if they're not even around the same age, And they're forced to wed, Many of the same issues I mentioned before come up, But also: they won't be anywhere the same maturity level, They won't have the same interests or have anything to talk about, And what happens as they get older? If a 6 year old marries a 12 year old, By the time the 12 year old is 18, Their partner is 12, So we end up in the same adult-married-to-a-child that everyone seems to mutually agree is wrong. What then? Imagine being a child and being married all you life. Just imagine how dreadful that would be for just a moment. Aside from all the issues I've brought up, That's one less freedom you have growing up, One less thing you get to choose yourself.

  • Yes and no

    If it's a child and another child, Then great, They made that decision at like 13 that at 15 if they think they're ready, If you've raised them with good problem solving decisions they will be A-OKAY. I DON'T FREAKING LIKE PEDOPHILES trying to date kids. Anymore than 10 years of difference under 18 is SICK. NO other explanation. I'm talking about similar age consent.
    Cuz most tweens start dating at 12 or 13 anyways (if not allowed, They do it behind their parents back or have major crushes) they understand what love is. They think their first boyfriend or girlfriend is going to with them forever so I'm pretty sure they are mature enough, Age-wise IF you've raised them to be, To take care of their own basic needs such as cooking for themselves, Feeding themselves, Bathing and clothing themselves.
    Being married is better than them committing sexual immorality. Teenagers that date WITHOUT marriage sleep together, Have babies and end up one or the other raising the baby alone as a single parent. Better to prepare them for it if they want it. At like 10-12 I'd have that talk with them. "If you want to have sex, You're going to have to get married to him. If he purposes and I believe he actually means it as a mature young guy, At 15 or 16, Depending on your grades, You can marry him and then you can have sex with your husband. Outside of that, The answer is no. "
    Again, We're talking about same age marriage, None of that other SICK mess that goes on in this world.

  • It's not right

    There girl's should be able to grow up and fall in love with someone. They should not be forced to be with someone way older than them and who is just using them. There is no love there. They should be able to have an education, Child marriage limits that. These grown men who are marrying these young girls are basically pedophiles. It's so wrong. It should be illegal everywhere.

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  • They want to have fun and enjoying themselves

    I think it is not good for someone to have an early marriage because they are too young and doesn't know how to manage theirselves. . . Besides their mentality just want to have fun and enjoying their teenage year and they felt like people will respect them more and look forward to them. . But instead they just ruined there own childhood. . .

  • This is Not Okay!

    Child Marriage isnt right. These kids need to learn and play. Not worry about having to marry a man 10 times her age. Or even having two children marrying each other isnt right because kids need to learn how to mature and about their body more. Marrying at a young age isnt right knowing these children are still babies themselves. BABIES HAVING BABIES ISNT RIGHT!...

  • Say no to child marriage

    All of the men who marry children are PEDOFILES. There all big hairy pedo's. And sorry but who wants to marry a 12 year old they have no arse and no tits and most of them will also die when giving birth because they haven't matured properly. And what would you rather living in poverty or living in wealth get raped and die giving birth think about that

  • Children deserve to have a childhood

    Children deserve to grow up being educated, loved and cherished. They deserve to play with other children heir age with no responsibilities, they have their entire life ahead of them to do whatever they please. Why rush? Why marry at 9 or 15 when you could marry at 20, 30, 40? Children aren't mature enough and don't have the mental capability to think beyond their age level. A 25 year old adult knows what a 14 year old girl doesn't. Children go through mistakes and their journey into adulthood should NOT be rushed.

  • It is wrong

    I think child marriage is wrong because there are way to many negatives. For example a little 7 year old could be married to a 30 year old man. Now the 23 year difference is already bad enough, but just the fact that the man will most likely abuse and hurt her. SAY NO TO CHILD MARRIAGE!

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