• Yes, but far outweighed by the negative.

    If I had to guess I'd say for every 10 bad things, there's 1 good thing. Also what is considered child marriage is variable by location... Anyway of small benefits they are more likely to have children; they are less likely to have the insecurity of "will I ever get married," which in many cases is replaced by something worse.

  • Yes. Hear me out..

    Of course this is only about two kids getting married: not the repulsive practice of an adult marrying a child.

    When kids marry:

    You grow up together.
    Less clash of personalities.
    The relationship is non-negotiable: like parents/siblings - and feels natural and does not weight you down.
    The girl moves from her parents to her ILs early - before the former bonds/personality becomes too strong. And bonds with her ILs grow strong and naturally.
    Also easier for ILs to receive a child more wholeheartedly than an adult - who they may view with trepidation, as someone who may want to change things around.

    You evolve and understand each other without effort.
    No agonizing about the stupid concept of 'right one', romance etc. Marriage is just about finding someone to take care of each other.
    Strengthens the family - under constant attack today from individualistic tendencies. The whole paradigm of 'happiness comes from choice' will be resisted.

    The system only needs to be updated to today's values: unhindered education for both children, sex-education and healthcare.

    We have thrown the babies out with the bathwater.

  • Yes, there are.

    I would definitely agree that by our standards today, child marriage is immoral and not a custom that should be followed. How do we know that this is such an immoral thing? Have we been in their shoes? Do we really know anything about this custom?

    I completely understand when people say that a 6 year old girl marrying a 56 year old man is wrong, because that man would expect things of her that she wouldn't be able to give, physically. When it comes to the sexual aspect of their relationship, the girl would be put at a major disadvantage, and would either get extremely injured during the process and die, or when carrying a baby, would not be able to carry it to the full term and would quite possibly lose the baby as well as her own life.

    However, when it is a child marrying another child, it is a different issue. For instance, if we had that same 6 year old girl marrying a 12-13 year old boy, the two of them would be able to live together without worrying about the sexual aspect of their relationship. They could have the opportunity to be friends, then grow into something more. Marriage just means that you have one person that will be your companion for life, and finding that companion early or late is not an issue. Even in our society, it is considered great when two best friends get married, because they know each other so well. Why can't that be the case for two children getting married?

    I think that we should reconsider what we are saying before throwing sludge at other cultures. Yes, it is true that most people marry their daughters and sons for the sake of money, but I truly think that there are upsides as well as downsides. We cannot blind ourselves to almost 50% of the world and say that "We are right" when we don't know what goes through their minds.

    In my opinion, if there were more explicit laws, I would be alright with the concept. For instance, if we said that the younger of the two must be at least 18 (or any reasonable age) before engaging in sexual activity, we would prevent a lot of the negatives of child marriage.

  • Why choices change

    Common argument is that girls are not given choice to love. But when given choices, why they frequently change partners? Those not given choices remain with one partner all life.
    How about teen pregnancies without marriage?
    While surveying infanticide, why neglect abortions, contraceptions used to stop someone from taking birth?

  • Think of poor families and arranged marriages

    There are obvious benefits to child marriages. For example child marriages create financial stability which in turn means that the family will have their needs met, not to mention that the child who is getting married will have all her needs provided for. Morality itself needs to be questioned...We can all agree that killing someone is wrong and immoral, but in times of war killing is not only morally acceptable but is also encouraged. SO MORALITY ALL DEPENDS ON SITUATIONS, by the child marrying she is basically saving her family.
    I hoped this added some insight on the topic. There are no right or wrong answers...Sadly. All I can say is arranged marriages are needed in some cases and can save many lives.

  • Not necessarily bad

    It is true that many child marriages results in negative impact especially towards the bride. But what if this only happen in a number of countries? There are many occasions in few countries where the bride did not lose her rights. At the end of the day, everyone is happy. So why need to ban child marriage in the whole world? I suggest make the rules to child marriage more strict so that the future bride is protected. But there ARE countries that need to ban child marriage completely, considering their bad reputation so far.

  • There are downsides and upsides.

    Like someone above said, it is different, what kind of child marriage are we talking about? Well here is the answer to both.

    Okay so I get it, a child of 12 marrying a man of 65 does not seem appealing. However in some cases marriage is the only way out of being in A LOT of trouble. Also in some religions that's just the way it goes and it's hard to change that.

    Now if we are talking about child marrying child, it is different. I read a story about someone of 14 that was having a baby. She is not allowed to by the Law so she had to get married to dodge that law. Now instead of marrying the man that forced her to have, well a baby with her, she married her boyfriend. That I think is a much better solution.

    But over all you really should not be able to have a baby in a marriage until you are 18, or something.

  • Protect society Many social ills.

    Girls who are below 12 in age are having sex with men who sometimes cross 40s in age. This is happening with consent but what happens the reason is we stick to only big newspaper to read news. Today every society is suffering from fornication and adultery.
    That all. Thank

  • Yes a child marrying out of poverty is a net gain

    If a child can leave poverty behind by becoming a child bride it is a net gain for the child since she no longer has to worry about whether or not she is getting to eat. In impoverished countries, child marriage is a necessary evil for the people of the nation to grow and survive.

  • It was, is and will be normal

    Whether we marry girl whose age is between 10-18 to a boy of same age or older person it is not the matter, but problem is social ills from which we must protect our children.
    Sex is not the problem, every girl whether adult or minor is afraid for sometime.
    As marriage counselor I seen case where an adult educated married women was feeling afraid of sex with husband and there are cases where girls of 6-8 are having sex without any hesitation (in case of trobriander tribe in Papua, New Guinea), and I am not joking about this. (You can google it)
    It's about education, in case of trobriander tribe girl and boys are educated by there parents for marriage
    That's all.

  • Children deserve to have a childhood

    Children deserve to grow up being educated, loved and cherished. They deserve to play with other children heir age with no responsibilities, they have their entire life ahead of them to do whatever they please. Why rush? Why marry at 9 or 15 when you could marry at 20, 30, 40? Children aren't mature enough and don't have the mental capability to think beyond their age level. A 25 year old adult knows what a 14 year old girl doesn't. Children go through mistakes and their journey into adulthood should NOT be rushed.

  • They are immature.

    This is proven fact that child marriage is a dangerous act. No argument requires.
    This is proven fact that child marriage is a dangerous act. No argument requires.
    This is proven fact that child marriage is a dangerous act. No argument requires.
    This is proven fact that child marriage is a dangerous act. No argument requires.

  • Child marrige ruins the beauty of being a kid.

    Marrige comes with adult responsibilities. Children should be enjoying innocent crushes, and all the other beauties of being a kid. Not working, but going to school. Not caring for another child, but being cared for by an adult. A child should be able too do what a CHILD should do, not an adult.T. Being a kid means no adultt worries, and being able to prepare for those worries.

  • There is no benefit to a child marriage.

    You are taking away a child's youth too soon. They can't vote, they can't work, they are still in school. Even if they drop out of school, that will hurt them when they are adults. They are too young to understand the concept of sex and bearing children. Most would die in child birth as it is. They have not matured. I don't see any benefits at all.

  • There are no benefits to child marriage

    There are no benefits to child marriage. Children are too young to work, so they are unable to support themselves, much less a spouse or family. Additionally, children aren't fully developed emotionally and can't be expected to make a lifelong decision, especially considering that many adults are incapable of doing so.

  • It is wrong.

    I understand why people have said yes and I also understand why people do it, especially in LEDCs. But if you had a choice, if you were able to choose then no. It is wrong. Children have a choice and parents can't make it for them. They would be controlled and lose their childhood. Being a child is very important an you can't waste those precious years being married. They would lose their education, their friends and their freedom. It's illegal and shouldnt be done.

  • Say No to Marriage

    Why would a parent want to give her daughter away even if your really poor and don't have a lot of food or even think about the thought of selling their child into early marriage. If it were me I would never sell my kid off to some guy who's probably gonna beat her.

  • What kind of a child would want this?

    Well, it may happen if the child really likes their parents, but the parents must teach the way he/she should act because that would be very absurd to just marry your parents like crazy. They must tell him/her to live and stay young because it can never be undone. They must have fun and enjoy life as kids.

  • Ruining your child's life

    I think that children should not get married because a child needs education and not house work they need freedom not washing the dishes .They need to play,Imagine your self again like a child you are being force to marry someone that you don't even know.Would you be scared?Would you be afraid?Would you?I would be terrified.Think of your self doing house work and not learning I would be wanting to learn to know what every word means .Our children should be grateful that they are not getting married.We mother and father should be grateful that our life was never like that.

  • No benefits whatsoever

    No, there are no benefits to child marriage whatsoever. Two children are forced into something they are not ready for; the choice is made for them, they have no say-so. They have to somehow learn to live an adult life, way too early, with a partner picked for them. It's even worse when it's not two children being married but a young girl and an adult man. That's plain wrong.

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