• Flowery War Instead

    Disclaimer: I do not mean the battles that Aztecs had. Instead of having a full blown out war we could have a war of kindness. We could throw flowers at each other and hug!!!!! Everyone will realize that we don't need to take over other people and they'll all get along!!!!!!! If only this was real.

  • War should only be used if there are no better alternatives.

    Let's stop injuring and killing people like little children and use our words.

    No country should start a war. The only acceptable time to go to war is to end a war that has already been started. Even then, the war should be voluntary, instead of conscription or Selective Services.

  • It is Situation-Dependent.

    While in most cases, War is unnecessary. Take the Russian Invasion of Crimea. Did Russia really need to intervene? Did they improve the situation? In one word- No. However, in some circumstances, I would argue that war is the necessary solution. Again, War is situation-dependent and should be reserved for only when it is necessary.

  • How could you even say War is the best way to solve things?

    Killing is never the right thing to do to solve a problem. Our parents told us violence is never the answer yet the government is doing it anyway. The government isn't trying hard enough to think of other ways than taking away peoples lives. All they can think about is war because it's been going on throughout years and years. If they really wanted to change anything it would've already happened

  • Depends on who you are

    If you're the government or part of the government, there are no better alternatives. War is too useful. It can be used to draw up patriotism, "Don't question your country, we're at war!" and to essentially break your own laws for the advancement of your agenda (Japanese internment camps, anyone?). It's especially useful if your country is simply a spectator to someone else's war. "Look at those suffering people in country x and y, aren't you glad to be a citizen of country z?" It's also good as it allows your people to channel the hatred they should be directing at you at a demonized group of people, "Don't murder folks from your own country, abused citizen x, murder these other folks from some other country! You'll be honored for it!"

    But if you are an individual outside the governing body, yes there are infinite alternatives. How 'bout a virtual war? Or a game of tic-tac-toe? Really anything that doesn't result in destruction and death works.

  • This is what I think…

    We do not need any war at all families will die you might die it is rare to survive plus you can always call a trile or call the police or something like that. So we do not need war at all. P.S

    Guns are not nessesarie it brings to much harm thank you.

  • War is a last resort

    There is a clear alternative to war, peace. There are very few situations which cannot be figured out diplomatically. For this reason, I believe war should only be used as a last resort, and only in defense of your own country or an ally. Countries should not purposely provoke one another, and peace should be kept whenever possible.

  • Depends on what the enemy is planning

    First of all, look at Al Qaeda. It is their intentions to forcefully to promote the Islamic religion, inow I have no problems with religious beliefes but if you are going to force somebody to believe in that religion, then you are going to get on the wrong side of alot of people, fast. Back in Operation Desert Storm, Al Qaeda took up defensive positions with thousands of tanks, if you are going to say that we can talk them out of those positions, you are crazy. We are doing our best to help the people who need help and now the US is in trillions of dollars in debt. Look at Hitler in World War Two, he caused the Holocaust and yet some people just take it as a propiganda. We did our absolute best to help the Jews in World War Two. It all depends on the enemy, if they try and attack us again, then are we really just going to hug people who have AK-47s and throw flowers at them? I say no, but it depends on the enemy.

  • Depends on the enemy!

    It depends on the countries. Whether they want to have a war or not! OK yes it does result in the death of kids or harm to the environment but still if the enemy chooses to attack they attack! You cant just sit them down for tea and talk things over!!! Like that's gonna work!!!!

  • Dependent on situation.

    War has been around since the beginning , a never ending phenomenon ad infinitum. War is natural to us, it is a show of force, used for justice, for revenge , to gain, to survive.

    The Peloponneseian League declared war on the Delian League for Athens' ambitions being fearful and its power growing excessively. This war is known as the Peloponnesian war.

    Nazi Germany started war in Europe that engulfed the world into war. The world retaliated against this power hungry nation who dealt injustice upon its victims.

    Tarquenius Surbus the last king of Rome was exiled from the city came back with an army to exact revenge upon the city and was defeated.

    After wards Rome expanded into a mighty empire gaining economical riches that lasted thousands of years all due to war.

    The Goths went to war the romans because of a greater threat right behind them the Huns . So if they didnt war the Romans they would have been annihilated by the huns.

  • Depends on the situation

    Usually war means there are no better alternatives so the question itself is rather vague. Ideally soft pillows and cupcakes would trump a gun in your face anyday. But the threat of war is the only thing keeping major powers at bay so technically we are living the better alternative when it comes to some things. Until everyone on the planet decides to renounce violence war is the only alternative to a failure of diplomacy

  • War is History

    War is something that cant be stopped. When we were tribes we fought other tribes . When we were kingdoms we fought other kingdoms. It is how it works. War is inevitable and will always be there . Now we are developing biological weapons ans this is really the only thing i'm afraid of.


    War.... Isn't it a beautiful thing? Keeping us alive. If there wasn't war we would be pretty much messed up if we aren't already (If you know what I mean :D) Alright now that I got that out of the way, war is needed. I've had multiple visions about war. No war = Death.

    JDogMoney Out, Playas.

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