Are there better ways to protect individual worker's rights instead of labor unions?

  • Doing quality work is the best job security.

    Doing quality work and shining before others provides better job security than labor unions. While labor unions may fight against corporations due to unmet needs, the tension created between the two sides ultimately creates discontent and less desire to provide benefits to individual workers. However, if individuals perform well and show the company that they are worthwhile investments, then the company is more likely to reward the individual.

  • No, history has shown that labor unions are highly effective.

    Labor unions have a long history. Prior to the creation of unions, workers had no choice but to accept any and all work conditions imposed on them by their employees. Labor unions provide workers with the power to fight for fair treatment and protect themselves against abuse. Company's such as Wal Mart, whose employees do not have a union, are able to trample over worker's rights.

  • No, labor unions give employees a voice.

    Although there are other ways to protect worker rights, the best way to ensure that every individual is equally heard and represented in a company is to provide every business with labor unions. In a union, every member is allowed to vote, have a say and be given certain rights that companies cannot revoke.

  • Until companies accept accountability for observing worker rights, unions are the best solution.

    Unions provide the necessary numbers when it comes to fighting large industries in which numbers are a commodity when it comes to making a stand. Through those numbers, workers are given a voice in fights against corporations that hire law teams to find loopholes in laws designed to protect workers. Until an equally effective support system can be put instituted, unions are the best protection for individual workers' rights.

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