• Contradicts common sense.

    Let's start at the beginning, Literally. On day one, God created light including the concept of night and day.
    Funny thing is, God didn't create the sun, Or any other heavenly bodies until day four, The same day he again divided the dark from the light (night and day).
    To me, This sounds like the person who wrote the creation story had no idea of the actual science, Even the basics. They probably believed that daylight would exist even if the sun didn't. That the light in the sky was separate from the light cast on the earth. After all, The moon is called the lesser light, Like it is a dim version of our sun. Tho the moon does cast light on the earth (moon light) it does not light up the sky at all so they likely believed the sun too only cast light on the earth. Seeing that their lack of actual knowledge is the only explanation to this contradiction, It means that the creation story came from mankind's imagination and not something dictated to man from god.
    Further on in Joshua, God made the sun stand still in the sky. We know it't the earth that moves and not the sun so that would mean the earth stopped rotating. If that actually happened, Everything on the surface of the earth would be flung at a speed of over 1, 000 mph in the region toward the east. Hypothetically, Your in the back of a truck that is moving at 1, 000 mph (surface of the earth). Towards the back of the truck is a large pool (Mediterranean Sea) What happens if that truck suddenly hit a barrier that brought the truck to a sudden stop? You would continue to move at 1, 000 mph toward the front of the truck and so would the water that was in the pool. Basically, Everyone would be dead and the Mediterranean would have flooded the entire region. Don't think it would cause such a huge wave that it would flood that far in? Look at the tidal wave that hit in Alaska. It started with a rock fall that caused waves to rise 1, 720 ft above sea level. By comparison, This would be a tiny change compared to the entire planet coming to a halt. I think it's safe to say that the wave would easily be miles high.

  • It sure does, Although pointing them out is often vain

    There are apparent contradictions between passages of the Old Testament; between passages of the Old and the New; between passages of the New Testament; and between some biblical claims and what we know about our universe.
    Some are minor, Others are blatant -i. E. :
    2 Kings 25:8 - And in the fifth month, On the SEVENTH day of the month, Which is the nineteenth year of king Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, Came Nebuzaradan, Captain of the guard, A servant of the king of Babylon, Unto Jerusalem:
    Jeremiah 52:12 - Now in the fifth month, In the TENTH day of the month, Which was the nineteenth year of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, Came Nebuzaradan, Captain of the guard,  which served the king of Babylon, Into Jerusalem,

    But pointing them out normally leads to a fruitless discussion about "context" and "interpretation" (although this proves how flawed the book is as a "manual for salvation"); anybody can conjure up excuses. In any case, Even if the were no contradictions at all, It wouldn't mean the Bible contains more truth than it does.

  • Taking everything into account, There is none

    Certain things that are said in the Bible may at first seem contradictory, But after taking other things into account, They fit together. Ex. Things between the old testament and new testament are contradictory, But the new testament is followed by Christians, The ot by Jews. Also, Historical context plays an important role as well.

  • When you take things out of context, They can seem contradictory

    A lot of verses in the Bible that people can try to make contradictory are taken out of context. If you take anything out of context, You can make it look contradictory. The Bible is God breathed and has absolutely no mistakes. If it did then it wouldn't be God's word.

  • To the carnal man: yes. To the born again believer: no.

    The modern bible versions are full of error and contradiction. The King James bible however is the perfect infallible word of God and has stood tall in the face of scrutiny. It has so many bold claims that have yet to be proven wrong, Only speculated to be wrong by, You guessed it, Non-believing reprobates who have an agenda to bring as many people to hell with them as possible. There are a lot of verses that people twist out of context and say there are contradictions but when you really look at it and try to figure out what the bible is saying it makes complete sense. I mean if God wrote the bible, Which He did, Then He wouldn't be wrong and never is.

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