• There are some without morals.

    Yes, there are boys who view girls as prey, because there are some boys who do not care to do the right thing. That does not change when the boys become men, either, because many of them go on to be predators as well. Boys and men have ways of justifying their terrible behavior. They belong in jail.

  • Boy's viewing girls as prey.

    I do believe that young boys see girls as prey because when you are younger you are just trying to figure out how to make that other person like you. Boys have a tendancy to do whatever it takes to become part of that girls life and if they get her she stay his and the boy will then protect his "prey"

  • There will always be people who prey on other people.

    This is why we have crime - whether it is someone assaulting someone else, stealing from someone else, whatever, there are some bad people out there.

    Speaking from experience, there are also girls who view boys as prey. It is actually becoming more prevalent from what I have heard.

    To be honest, I find the question kind of off...

  • Unfortunately, there are.

    Yes, there are boys who view girls as prey, and then they become adults who continue to hold that view. They like to call themselves bros, or nice guys. The rest of society knows them as sick perverts or rapists. You have to wonder about the family life males like that were raised in.

  • Women are sometimes prey, and men can be too.

    There are definitely boys who view girls as prey. In human nature where procreation is one of the main goals, men often go after females because it is part of survival. In this sense women can be prey. Sociopathic and psychopathic men would definitely see woman as prey, in a very dangerous sense. Women can also prey on men as well.

  • I Think There's A Stage For That

    I believe some males go through a stage where they almost view girls as prey, but I wouldn't necessarily say that it is a personality trait. I think it has more to do with hormones and I think you could fairly say that females go through a similar stage as well.

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