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Of course violence is necessary!

  What would you do if a terrorist started punching your loved one? Would you just watch your loved one die? Or would you start attacking the terrorist? Of course, you will start attacking the terrorist, because you do not want your loved one to die, right? Well, that's what I mean. You need violence to solve problems, even though you are a soft person who faints in the sight of blood, you just need to man up and defend yourself. See, violence is necessary, but not all the time though.
Brolex says2013-10-04T23:38:10.573
Soo, u guys get the idea?
Brolex says2013-10-04T23:50:43.550
U r very right
Reweis says2016-05-16T08:04:58.147
I agree
Reweis says2016-05-16T08:05:09.740
Yes I agree
WinterSoldier says2018-05-21T18:28:52.163
I disagree. Violence is not defense. Check your definitons
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