Are there circumstances that justify men using physical force against women?

  • Yes, self-defense always justifies physical force

    Not using physical force against women should be an ingrained behavioral pattern in every man. However, there are circumstances in which doing it is justified. Domestic violence against men is a real problem, with real victims. Using physical force against a woman who initiates a physical conflict is justified as long as this is used to restrain the woman and to defend oneself from harm. Oftentimes, the man is chastised for trying to defend himself, which is unfair.

  • Yes, both men and women have a right to protect themselves and others.

    Whenever a person's actions result in the harm of someone else, he or she needs to be stopped with as minimal force as necessary. This may include the physical force of a man against a woman or a woman against a man. Such force should always be as limited as possible without the harm of anyone involved.

  • Everyone has the right to defend themselves

    Physical abuse is never acceptable, regardless of the gender of the abuser. If a woman threatens the life of a man and the man needs to defend himself using physical force, his actions are justified. There may also be occasions when a man needs to stop a woman by using physical force if she is harming others.

  • Men have the right to defend themselves.

    While men should not initiate physical force against women, they should be allowed to use force to defend and protect themselves if they are being physically attacked by women. If women are disrespectful to men and verbally attack them, then men have no right to use physical force against women; however, men should not be forced to let themselves get beat up if they are being attacked.

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