Are there differences in the brain between heterosexuals and homosexuals?

Asked by: A-Swizzle
  • Yep. There sure is.

    Science has proven it. That's really all I want to say. Now I have to fill in words. I'm literally so tired right now. Things happen. Stuff and things. Why do I need a specific amount of words to submit this? This is stupid and I hate it more than anything.

  • The answer is obvious

    While the average heterosexual brain is plain, and dull. The homosexuals brain is rather fabulous. A heterosexuals brain is not able to decipher what a dress looks like. But a homosexuals brain is able to tell if the said dress is hot, or trashy. While the heterosexual brain makes the nucleus if you will, hibernate north, while the homosexual brain makes it fabulous nucleus, flock south, to places such as Miami, and California. So all in all they are very different.

  • Dis is so real

    Like have you ever heard about the science and stuff about this? I mean this is real stuff. Like reallly really real. I am pretty sure you could just look at the two different brains and they will be different brains. DO you knOw what i mean? SUPer science stuff you know? AMIRIGHT LADIES??????? Lol jk but serious this is some real stuff.

  • Yeah and everyones brain is not exactly the same

    Come on its a given, everyone's brain and way of thinking are different. Science proved this too so there really is no question, besides most homosexuals i know are plain fab and are super creative with their thinking . Like look at tyler okaley he's awesome one of my fav youtubers

  • Of course there are

    Every brain in the world is unique, just like fingerprints. No two people have the exact same brain. However, there is no more difference between heterosexual and homosexual brains than there are between any other brains. If it's really that hard to comprehend, then there is no reason for you to waste people's time with questions as simple and obvious as this.

  • In all likelihood, since brain differences are found in everything

    Whether it's on a level we can detect or not in all likelihood there is, because science finds differences in the brain for everything.

    I have a feeling who ever posted this question is trying to argue that homosexuals are born that way. The thing is the brain CHANGES throughout your life. Look up "neurogenesis" and "neuroplasticity".

    There have been a number of studies showing that the brain can and does change throughout life. Monks meditating the "loving kindness meditation" showed a shift in the brain lighting up from the right amygdala to the left amygdala. London taxi drivers showed new neurons in the posterior hippocampus. A study of teenagers with a family history of depression who were put under brain scans while viewing auto accidents and given instructions to distract their minds with things like visualizing cute puppies showed changes occur on the brain scan while they did that.

  • Yes. No two brains are alike, so the above statement is true.

    Heterosexual and homosexual brains differ. As do heterosexual and other heterosexual brains. As do homosexual and other homosexual brains differ. Some might be very similar i.e. twins, but even they have distinct thought patterns and fingerprints. Is the OP attempting to suggest something with this question? That's what I'd like to know.

  • Seriously!?!?!?! Y'all gave no proof or logic.

    There are no differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals or between women and men in terms of the brain systems regulating romantic love, according to new UCL research published in the latest issue of PLoS One.

    Furthermore, if homosexuality were genetically transmitted, it would be inevitable, irresistible, and untreatable. Though many individuals and groups work hard to convince the public this is the case, such assertions are simply false. Prevention is effective; change is possible (although often difficult); ........ There is no refuting the fact that countless individuals have left the homosexual lifestyle and found wholeness in their new found heterosexuality.

    there is no difference in the brains of homosexuals. Just like our personality's don't change our brain structures or preferences don't change anything. The opposing arguments that have been posted are all just opinions without any backing proof or logic.

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