Are there disadvantages to the growing dependence of humans on computers?

  • Why we are making computers as our vital thing

    Much use of computers not only make us depend on it but also diconnecting us from our family and friends. Using computer at this high rate will affect our life much adversely and may cause illness to our mind. So we should not only minimise the use of computers but also advice others the same. THANKYOU !

  • There are disadvantages to the growing dependence of humans on computers.

    The growing dependence of humans on computers is creating a false need. Rather than put forth the effort to do everyday tasks, people are relying on computers to do them. This is creating a learning void in the population that, if allowed to continue, may prove irreversibly detrimental in the long run.

  • Observe In Black Outs

    This question is easily answered as soon as there is a black out or a problem with our electrical sources. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, chaos breaks lose. I believe we need to remember it is important to be able to function both with and without computers.

  • What If Society Breaks Down?

    The only huge disadvantage to the growing dependence of humans on computers is if our society completely breaks down. What if hundreds of millions of people die from some malady such as a plague, world war or natural disaster? If electrical grids go offline, the Internet shuts down and consumer products are no longer available, we must become a survivalist society where we hunt and grow our own food. Those who are too dependent upon computers for their livelihoods will be the first to die off in such a scenario.

  • Yes many things suffer

    Computers do a lot of good for us. They make life simple get information out fast and give access to communicate with everyone. With advantages there are some disadvantages. Basic social customs have become less existent, there are new ways of committing crimes, and people have found a thing to hide behind.

  • There are Disadvatages to Dependence on Computers

    Yes, there are disadvantages to the growing dependence of humans on computers. Unlike a pen and paper, a computer hard drive can crash, leaving the data worthless. In addition, computers used for medical procedures can also crash, and this can put lives in danger. There are definitely disadvantages to dependence on computers.

  • I think there could be disadvantages to dependance on computers

    While I think that with technology some positive things stem from it, I think that there can be some negative aspects that can go along as well. For example I don't want people to have more problems socializing with one another because they may find it easier to do over a computer.

  • There Are Disadvantages

    A growing reliance on computers may not be a healthy thing. Social media is fundamentally antisocial. People sit behind their computers and do not even interact face to face. Furthermore, people's ability with language is decreasing because they are learning to write in text speech and not in proper English.

  • Think about this.

    Well, without technology we wouldn't be able to go ONLINE to this WEBSITE and debate over technology. We are a generation that will become increasingly dependant on technology, whether we like it or not. To move forward we NEED the technology that WE HAVE CREATED. And the benefits of technology heavily outweighs the disadvantages. And no. Technology does not only refer to smart phones and the Internet. But if you don't like to rely on technology so much, why not throw away your phone, your gps device, your car, every electrical appliance in your house, your lawnmower, don't go to hospital, don't use hot water, throw away everything plastic, everything with colour, your tv. Throw away your window. The glass was made from machines in factories ;). Oh and DONT EAT FOOD BECAUSE GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT TECHNOLOGY IS USED TO BREED THAT PIG FOR YOUR BACON AND WHAT MACHINE TOUCHED IT BEFOR YOU. It is too late to complain about dependence on technology because we have already depended on it for centuries.

  • Yes technology does sometimes create limits on humanity both physically and socially.

    However, the sofisticated technology we have today can more than make up for it. And don't forget smart phones and social media are only a small fraction of the technology we have. What about space crafts, new medical machines, biotechnology, nanotechnology which creates new materials...The list is ENDLESS. We do sometimes tend to take science fiction too seriously , and it is a good thing that so many people are aware of the risks of dependence on technology. But don't forget that while sci-fi serves as a warning, it is often heavily exaggerated. Instead of deciding not to use technology and criticising its uses and effects on society, shouldn't we think of ways to improve technology? After all technology is our creation, unless humanity is a completely hopeless race, we won't make the mistake of creating evil robots that can take over the world. We had plenty of warning. Whether we like it or not, we need technology to love forward

  • We're the same inept hairy apes we were before computers.

    As I've said repeatedly over the years, humans have been all about technology since our first ancestor used the first pointy stick to kill an animal for food. Since then, our technology has grown increasingly sophisticated, and computers are a part of that. We never become too dependent on computer or other technology, we simply re-prioritize what tasks need to be done manually as new technologies become available.

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