Are there downsides to sending children to boarding schools?

  • There are downsides to sending children to boarding schools

    Sending a child to a boarding school takes them away from their family support system and leaves the child susceptible to bullying and poor peer influence which can run unchecked by an indifferent staff and too few interactions with the family at home. Students at boarding schools may feel lonely or abandoned by their families and might feel they are not wanted at home.

  • Of course there are!

    Children need their parents, and so do teens. Even if they call or Skype their parents often, it is not the same as living in the same household, day in and day out. What about the lack of hugs and physical contact? I would NEVER send my 2 boys to boarding school. They belong under my roof.

  • Yes, there are downsides to every schooling option.

    It is impossible for us to say which schooling option is best and each one has their downsides. Boarding school may provide a great social environment and encourage discipline in many cases. However, sending a child to boarding school deprives them of many learning opportunities a home has to offer. Living at home children have the ability to build a life outside of their school which can lead to more opportunities and a more successful person.

  • Children should learn from their families.

    Sending your child to boarding is school is a terrible idea. They learn that their family is not willing or able to teach them about life. They give their parental responsibilities up. Then the boarding school, who must follow a government training agenda gets to work on your kid. And the family isn't there to contradict what the school has been teaching, even though it is against your families moral beliefs.

  • Yes, there are some downsides.

    Some children may do well in an environment where they have to be more disciplined and responsible for their actions. However, some kids may feel that their parents are abandoning them by sending them away, which could cause behavioral problems. And some children simply aren't ready for the boarding school-type of environment until college; the setting could be overwhelming for some younger kids, which could affect academic performance.

  • Yes there are downsides.

    There are positives and negatives to every type of schooling, including boarding schools. While many children flourish in that environment, others simply do not. The most important thing in choosing a method of schooling for your child is knowing them, and knowing what will work the best for them. Once you've figured that out, the schooling choices will be much simpler.

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