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  • There are not enough free health clinics

    The poor are constantly reporting to emergency rooms rather than the free clinics for health care. This is indicative of the lack of free clinics. Saying that we need more free clinics is not necessarily true though. Access to these clinics may be the main restriction. Transportation and contact for appointments is probably a better way to approach the problem. There are not enough free health clinics with the current system though.

  • There are not, but it may not matter now.

    As someone who has been one of "the poor" I can tell you right now that there are not enough free health clinics to serve those needs. But thanks to the Affordable Care Act, they may not need to be expanded. The ACA, the dreaded Obamacare, provides subsidized access to health care for the poor.

  • Not yet, no

    There are not enough free health clinics to serve the needs of the poor, yet. But there are a decent amount and they are growing. Under Obamacare, there should be even more and, better yet, the facilities should be upgraded. A lot of these places are shoddy, even though they do have fantastic doctors.

  • No, there are not

    I am not saying that we need more,but I know there isn't enough already to solve the issue. The budget right now isn't going to allow this kind of thing,but if we fix many other issues, poor people will be less found. If we can fix this later, when the budget is balanced, the people will get better care.

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