• More than 5 hours of homework?

    I as a student have to do more than 7 hours of homework each night before I go to school the next day. I usually go to sleep around 3 am because of the massive amount of work. If you call this not enough, please reconsider.

    I am actually doing worse in school because I don't have enough time to sleep and solidify my learning. In other words, homework is not completely beneficial and therefore, should be assigned less.

  • School work gives kids less time to express themselves

    By giving kids more home work you one take away family time two take away time for friends and three make many kids one minded about school and how much they hate it.
    In their minds they think I have to go to school six hours a day, do homework as soon as I get home, do whatever my mom says, then its time to sleep and get up at six AM again.

  • It hasn't changed much.

    No, there are not excessive amounts of homework today, because the homework that children are given today have decreased from what they were generations ago. When I was a child, I had a math assignment each day. Now, my child only has several math grades in an entire semester. It does not make any sense, because it does not reinforce learning. Children today have it easy.

  • A better question is "Are the homework helping people learn their material."

    You can put mountains of HW in front of the student but unless he/she gets it, it would be pointless to give it to them. The questions is what kind of students are the teachers dealing with. And the subject their learning. This is one of those Quality vs Quantity thing.

  • Homework is not proportionate.

    As a recent graduate I can safely say that I do not believe that there is excessive amounts of homework being assigned to the young students of today. I don't think it would hurt, even if there was too much. As a country we are falling far behind other economic powers in the field of education.

  • No there is not.

    There is not excessive amount of homework, if anything there isn't very much of it. I remember going to high school about two years ago and I almost never had any homework. It might depend on the state and country, but in my area we did not get enough work.

  • More Homework Keeps Kids Out of Trouble

    Although more homework seems excessive, the job of children is to get an education. Homework keeps kids out of trouble, keeps them away from gangs, drugs and teen pregnancies. Giving kids something to focus on that's not more "serious" things in life is important. The trick is to make homework fun instead of serious so that pupils enjoy it rather than abhor it.

  • I Do Not Believe So

    Our world is becoming technologically advanced and more, and more education is becoming necessary. As fields grow and prosper there is more to learn about each topic. Homework is important because it helps children cement teachings in their head. I do not believe there is too much homework and I do believe it is important.

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