• Like duh yes

    Denmark had an empire. They conquered Greenland. Whether you are arrogant and think what they did was good and the "hell with the people who suffered" or you're a good-hearted person that knows that it was immoral and wrong, any common-sense person (arrogant or good-hearted alike) knows that Denmark had an empire. Like duh. It gets really frustrating when you try to argue. If that was such unclaimed land, then on an international map the whole thing with Greenland would be the same as their holdings in Antartica, but no... It's considered a territory for a reason. There are indigenous people (called Inuits) in Greenland, so yes conquest. Common sense.

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Adam2 says2014-07-09T23:56:56.900
I put the George Carlin pic because of the "Some people are f--king stupid" thing. It applies to many of these people
Adam2 says2014-07-10T00:10:39.427
I ask because I got into an argument about this like half an hour ago.

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