Are there lessons we can learn from Nelson Mandela?

  • Yes, we can learn to stand up for what is right.

    Yes, there are lessons we can learn from Nelson Mandela. As a strong voice in South Africa's civil rights movement, Mandela stood up for his beliefs despite being imprisoned for many years. By standing up for what was right he was able to change the world and was ultimately vindicated.

  • Yes there are

    Yes he was a great leader and he fought for the rights of his people. He didn't want to be at war he was actually a very peaceful type of person. He gave it his all. He was insurmountable and one of few noble men that is left in this world today.

  • A Great Leader

    I believe there are lessons to be learned from Nelson Mandela. He spent part of his life in prison and went on to become the leader of a country. He went from rock bottom and climbed his way up. Anyone could benefit from learning about his life and following his methods.

  • He had a vision.

    Yes, there are lessons that we can learn from Nelson Mandela, because he had a vision about a better world, and he spent his time putting his vision into practice. Mandela wanted us all to live in a peaceful world. He was a leader who brought people together. There should be more politicians like him.

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