• There are major issues with the voting system in the U.S.

    There are major issues with the voting system in the U.S. The issues that we face when voting are challenging and hard to fix. There has been some major problems in the past with either the machines or with the elected officials who are put in charge of the system.

  • Yes, two major issues.

    My first issue is that not all of the ballots are done on paper. There should be no machines to rig, at all, whatsoever. My second issue is the idiotic electoral college. It made sense in the 1700s and parts of the 1800s, but is just useless in today's world.

  • Yes, Electoral college hard to Understand

    The electoral college is an anachronism and doesn't work. Yet
    if everyone were to vote individually, it'd have to be by computer and
    we've all seen how well that works. Another problem in this system of voting
    would be that there will be too many split votes. Presently US has two-party
    system, when there are more than one parties even forming a coalition government
    is a difficult job, leave aside deciding issues.

  • There are issues with the voting systems, but nothing major.

    The voting system in the U.S. is fine. The election for the presidency is purposely not direct. It has been effective, even if it has its criticisms. Those criticisms could change if the people really wanted them to change. Since no change happens, the voting system should be evaluated as working. There have been discrepancies, but overall, polling the entire US population is going to have some margin of error even in an ideal system. The real problem is that people don't vote.

  • No, I don't think there are major issues with the voting system in the US.

    I think that while the system is not perfect that overall it is a fine system that allows for minimal fraud. I think that election are free and fair and elect the person who legitimately won, I think the electoral college needs to be tweaked overall to make it so more then just the battleground states votes matter though.

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