• A communist government provides many benefits to citizens.

    There are many pros to a communist government, including no homelessness, free education, free health care, no hunger, and no poverty. People might not have all the material goods they want, but they have everything they need -- at least ideally. The existence of a successful communist regime requires that other countries freely trade with them so they do not lack raw materials needed for survival.

  • Yes there are

    To be honest, there are too many to list and even if it is argued these aren't pros, when compared to a free market mechanism aka capitalism you can see it rather largely outweighs capitalism. I could go on and on about the pros vs cons of both and you would still see communist looking better.

  • Yes there are many pros

    There are many pros to a communist form of government. People get what they need to survive and everyone plays a key role in society. The problem with communism is that it simply can't be sustained in this world. Human nature and greed play too much of an effect on it.

  • If implemented correctly

    Many Socialist and Marxist scholars have suggested that a True Communist government never actually functioned, despite the way Communism has become a scary buzzword in democratic societies since the terror of Stalin. Revolution is a tricky thing, and changing the entire way society approaches itself causes a lot of violence, and Marx knew this, but a true Communist society is as close to an ideal as anything democratic societies have come up with.

  • Communism is not the way.

    Communism does not work. It has been proven time and time again. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, I would have thought people would realize that communism is not the way; however, that has not always been the case. There is no way to make all people equal. Trying to make things equal is a de motivator for people who try to achieve on their own. Capitalism is the only way to go.

  • Everyone suffers in Communism.

    No, there are not many pros to a Communist government, because nothing good comes of a Communist government with its inefficiencies. In a communist system, there is no incentive to work. Even the brightest minds cannot do better than the invisible hand. When people are left to act on their own greed, with strong private property laws, everyone flourishes. Communist nations can only look in envy as free nations become rich.

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