Are there moral reasons to be dishonest at times?

  • Yes, dishonesty can be the most compassionate choice at times.

    Dishonesty is usually not an honorable option, but it can be representative of better morals at times. Not being honest with children to spare them some horrors of death and adulthood, for example, is the higher road. No parent should talk about the adulterous actions of another, for example, during a divorce when young children are involved.

  • Yes, dishonesty sometimes provides safety

    Sometimes, a small lie or dishonest act can ensure safety for a great many people. A white lie can also spare a person's feelings in lesser circumstances. In some situations, a lie can stop mass panic or despair, which makes it worth it in the end, even if the people being lied to feel deceived.

  • There are times where being dishonest is morally correct.

    Lots of times we as humans associate being moral as doing the right thing as an individual, but I believe it goes past that. If we focused more on those around us, sometimes lying is beneficial to society as a whole. One example is the NSA scandal that was kept from the people. Had no one found out, the panic would never had occurred. They have been monitoring people's business in order to protect the country, and if we had never known, we would have been innocently safe. The same also applies to parents when they lie to children about the death of a family member or some other tragedy. There are times when it is ok to be dishonest.

  • Yes, occasionally dishonesty is necessary to protect someone.

    Telling someone they are doing well when they are not or telling someone they look good when they do not are instances when dishonesty helps protect a person's feelings. In other cases, dishonesty can be a way of protecting a curious child from knowing things that they aren't mature enough to handle. These small lies are very different from those that are told simply to deceive someone.

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