Are there more benefits in being a man of little words, and few actions?

Asked by: rmc
  • Yes, at time.

    At times it can pay to be the man of little words and few actions because than you are not putting yourself into situations where things might get sticky, and when you are known for being quiet you are less likely to get blamed for things. However, being of little action will also result in getting passed over for promotions and such.

  • Yes, especially if It is a big impact

    There is lots of aspects with this question. And for the most part, if you have few actions and not much of a speech, but what you done changes the ways of certain things, it can be revolutionary.

    Also going down in history people would know you as a person that is THE one who did this or made that. If the change in impact is enough to inspire people, then there really isn't a reason to do so much more when you've already done so much.

  • Think before you speak", and "Look before you leap"

    In a majority of situations, stopping to think and create a logical approach would be the more beneficial path to take.

    Speculation has a large variety of "ups" and "downs". However, in today's society I would say that I see it exercised very little.
    Instead I view more of a rushed approach to give a quick response. I witness a lot of missed opportunities for intellectual communication, and more of a human being who analyzes little and flails words around like each letter doesn't hold an anvil.

    Words are as powerful as a triple-barrelled shotgun. You can emotionally bond with and tear apart a person with a single word.

    Actions can bring forward a revolution and extinction (Just as much as words can).

    I like to hold in reserve... What is your preference and your opinion?

    Posted by: rmc
  • No, because that would mean that you're giving up your own fate.

    I don't see any benefit in being someone of little words and few actions, since this would mean that you're (or becoming) a rather passive person. That would mean that people could take advantage of you.
    In today's society, where everyone is trying to take advantage of you and just make you follow them (for example our goverments), it's vital for people to speak up and take actions.
    Do you know about the Biedermeier? It was around the 1830s in Germany, when the people began turning to political apathy, which then allowed the "government" to act as it wanted. (18 years later there was a revolution but that's another topic)
    What I'm trying to say is, if you are a "man of little words and few actions" the only ones benefiting are the ones taking advantage of this situation.
    I'm not trying to say that you shouldn't think before you speak and act though.

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