• We can connect.

    Yes, there are more benefits than drawbacks to online interaction, because there are people who can connect with each other for good. Once on facebook, I apologized to someone for something that I had done twenty years earlier. There are some problems with online interaction, but the good outweighs the bad.

  • Online interaction has more benefits than drawbacks

    Online interaction gives us the opportunity to communication with people we wouldn't come into contact with in our daily lives. Being able to connect with people from across the world and share are experiences with them is a much bigger benefit than the drawback of not having that immediate human interaction face to face.

  • Benefits far out way the drawbacks to online interaction.

    Benefits far out way the drawbacks to online interaction. The online world is full of information that can be accessed in a matter of seconds. It is quick and convenient for all matters of communication also. Any down side to Internet interaction is brought about only by real world immaturity in all its aspects.

  • Dynamics of interaction are weakened

    Studies decades ago found a/v sources led to less recall but higher attitude change than reading or face-to-face interaction. EEG patterns soon drop into those associated with sleep: discernment and critical thinking suffer. Awed by the medium, we easily sacrifice the quality of information for its volume. And I think we see that now in popular culture and education.

  • No, their is no interaction.

    No, their are more drawbacks to online interaction. People are by designed social creatures and we have to interact so that we can have a healthy and well balance life. We need social skills in every day life. We need these skills to do job interviews and other life activities.

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